2024 design trends for your home in Scottsdale

Thinking about upgrading your home? It's always a great feeling to make your space truly your own. But don't forget about the long-term impact of your design choices on your home's value. Some trends may not work in every house, so it's good to keep that in mind.

Home design and decor don't happen overnight unless you have a designer creating your spaces. Like fashion, trends come and go. Most people choose a design they're comfortable with and keep it for years and only replace items if they're too worn out. Then there are those who want a new look after living for years with their current decor. Maybe they're moving and their furniture won't fit in the new home, or they want some new styles. Others get bored and continuously make changes. Following are some trends for 2024.

Unveiling 2024 Home Design Trends with Spa-Inspired Bathrooms

Who doesn't want a spa-like experience at home? In 2024, more homeowners are turning their bathrooms into personal oases with upgraded fixtures and materials. You could even consider installing a steam shower, infrared sauna, or cold plunge tub for added luxury.

Dark spa bathtub with plants in front of a window in a Scottsdale condominium

Picture your bathroom turning into your personal chill-out zone – think spa vibes right where you live. We're talking about modern twists on bathrooms that mesh fresh new looks with classic grace. Imagine running your hands over plush materials and eyeing sleek, understated fittings; this is where we see how tomorrow’s living spaces will pair practicality with pure calmness.

Bathrooms that echo a spa vibe are totally taking over home decor trends for 2024. Can you picture walking into your bathroom tired from all day’s hustle and finding yourself surrounded by pure calmness and comfort? That line where everyday need meets indulgence is getting pretty fuzzy—folks everywhere are deciding they deserve to enjoy spa-like opulence without stepping outside their own digs.

The concept of turning a bath space into a stress-free haven isn't exactly fresh news; it's always meant soaking up ultimate chill vibes, right? But hold on, what does this whole "spa" thing actually translate to in 2024 talk anyway? Trust me; it goes way beyond just snagging soft towels or lighting up those fancy candles. We’re diving deep this year—it’s about piecing together an all-out escape zone! Ranging from wall textures down to your choice of taps 'n' lights, each little bit has been picked with purpose: To sculpt out an oasis for kickstarting that revival energy while also acing the daily self-care game.

Today's designers are fusing state-of-the-art tech with classic beauty to create bespoke spa experiences right at home. Imagine showers that emulate a soft rainfall, lighting systems that shift with the day's mood, and smart toilets – these are just starters for what’s revolutionizing our homes.

The 2024 color trend for spa bathrooms is nudging us towards earth-inspired hues and gentle neutrals—think tranquility meets Mother Nature. Materials matter too: sustainability takes center stage as we lean into natural choices like bamboo mats underfoot or countertops carved from reclaimed timber. It's this blend—the modern snugly hugging nature—that’s reshaping our definition of in-home luxury lounges. We're talking toasty floors beneath those toes of yours and soothing sounds of water features making you forget that pile of emails waiting for an answer.

And let’s talk lighting—because getting it right is key to nailing that tranquil spa vibe at home. Remember those glaring overheads? They're outta here! We’re all about gentle, adjustable layers of light now; dial them up or down depending on whether you need bright morning vibes or soothing evening calmness. Good light doesn't just elevate your bathroom retreat—it weaves peace into the fabric of your whole living space. Ever thought how tweaking one room could send waves through your entire place?

Spa-like tub in a home in Scottsdale on pebbles

Picture this: freestanding tubs aren't just eye-catchers anymore; they're personal retreats for unwinding, strategically placed to take in a breathtaking view or bask by a cozy fire. Can you envision yourself melting away into an elegant sculptural bathtub while gazing out at twinkling stars through a vast window? That's exactly the kind of pampering 2024 is ushering into our living spaces.

The revolution brewing in bathrooms doesn’t stop with design—textures are stepping up their game too! Imagine running your fingers over rough-hewn stone juxtaposed with smooth porcelain, feeling warm wood grains next to cool sleek metal details—that contrast isn't just visually striking; it awakens your sense of touch as well. When we layer these textures within our bathroom decor, it creates depth that delights both the eyes and soul—a sweet spot between beauty and solace.

Let's talk about mixing nature into your bathroom decor. Why stop at paint and tiles when you can add a splash of green? Plants aren't just eye candy; they breathe life—and better air quality—into spaces that used to feel too clinical. Imagine vertical gardens climbing the walls, pots brimming with lush foliage, or even a petite tree cornering by your tub. They all offer up their own kind of oxygen-rich sigh of relief. This nod to Mother Nature isn't purely for show—it taps right into spa-like serenity and it’s getting major love in home design trends.

We’ve got to give props to cutting-edge tech transforming our bathrooms into something outta sci-fi novels! Think digital showers dazzling us with personalized spritz patterns, lights turning on with a simple “Hey there,” and mirrors doubling as news screens while we brush our teeth—all this swanky stuff is today’s reality, not tomorrow's dream . These high-tech perks let you craft an oasis so custom-fit it could rival any posh retreat – without stepping foot outside your door!

2. Maximalist Home Decor: Embracing Boldness and Extravagance

Maximalism is making a comeback in 2024, embracing intentional curation with bold colors, statement pieces, and lots of art. If you're on a budget, thrift stores can be a great source for unique finds. Just keep in mind that if you plan to sell your home, the maximalist look may not appeal to every buyer. This is a style that might take years to finalize, although it might be an ever-changing design.

Purple sofa representing maximalism decor in a home in Scottsdale

Dive right into the flashy universe of maximalist home decor – it's a place where going big is the way to go, and every single space just oozes with its unique vibe. This season, stand-out interiors are snagging all eyes on them, flaunting gutsy designs that aren't afraid to show their true colors. Jump on board with these fresh-off-the-press maximalist styles that toast to lavishness and luxury—that'll transform your dwelling into an eye-popping retreat. Got a room crying out for some flair or planning a full-blown makeover? Gear up 'cause you're about to get swept off your feet by the bold charms of maximalism.

It looks like the design world's love affair with maximalism isn't cooling off anytime soon. Think of this vibrant approach as your ticket to showcasing personality through layers of patterns, textures, and a whole spectrum of colors right in your home. But hey – going maximalist? It’s less about cramming all your favorite things into one space and more about crafting a story that’s uniquely you.

Ever imagined entering a room that sings 'you' at every glance? That covers every inch with bits and pieces echoing its creator's soul? Who wouldn't want their living quarters to be an autobiography without words?

Current trends are giving us total freedom; we're talking mixing old-school charm with new-age boldness, fearless color fusions, embracing art from wall-to-wall - seriously exciting stuff! Imagine grandparent-inherited furniture rubbing elbows with sleek modern art or those time-honored floral wallpapers laying down the red carpet for some cutting-edge couch action.

This movement is way deeper than just what meets the eye—it stands tall against the plain Jane minimalism wave by weaving intricate visual stories everywhere you look. Curious about turning your abode into something resembling an eclectic exhibit that reflects chapters of who you are? The incoming wave for 2024 has got our backs on this one—time to play curator within our own spaces!

Ever been amazed at how maximalism throws the rule book of 'good taste' out the window? This trend tells us that it's about showcasing your story through a blend of objects, hues, and designs that scream "this is me." Feel the thrill knowing your space can mirror life’s rich tapestry— as eclectic and colorful as you are. Picture those treasures from globe-trotting adventures or cherished items passed down from family taking pride of place in your home, weaving together a visual narrative filled with memories.

And remember, going max doesn't mean diving into disorder. Believe it or not, there's skill involved in mixing bold elements without tipping into excess. Ever wonder how to hit just right on fullness vs messiness scale? Imagine orchestrating music where every unique note adds up to an enchanting melody—that's what getting maximalist decor spot-on feels like. It boils down to making purposeful choices; when each piece is carefully selected by you and arranged with flair—it transforms four walls into something truly extraordinary brimming with intricate details.

Picture this: walls draped in lush velvet hues or art deco patterns that spark chats left and right—you up for it? Can you envision turning your pad into something so theatrical it could rival Broadway?

A lavish maxilimalist combo living area in a home in Scottsdale

Talking about audacious style means giving props to color's magical metamorphosis. Wave goodbye to playing it safe—deep plums, zesty yellows, and high-voltage blues are storming the design runway as we speak! We're not using these shades sparingly—they're snagging leading roles in our homes' sagas. Ever consider how a sudden splash on an accent wall or snuggling into an intricately designed couch can totally flip the vibe of a space? Feels powerful knowing you can do that, doesn't it?

The perfect fixtures do more than just light up a room – they take it to the next level. This year we expect sculptural lights to be all the rage. These beauties effortlessly straddle practicality and artistry. Imagine coming home to a chandelier that mimics golden leaves or an avant-garde lamp – wouldn't that just add an instant touch of class and curiosity?

Peeking into this year's crystal ball has us picturing homes packed with eclectic artworks—think massive paintings and quirky statues everywhere. Got enough nerve to let your living space flaunt an enormous abstract masterpiece right above your fireplace? It’s these daring moves that'll carve out those head-turning spaces for years ahead.

Let's talk about 'extravagance.' It screams luxury and big statements, right? Well, that's what you get when you dive into the world of maximalist decor—every chance to crank up your space’s visual drama. Think lush textures everywhere; imagine trailing your fingertips across a silk-embroidered throw pillow or sinking your toes into the soft embrace of a faux fur rug. Doesn't it just transform an ordinary day into something unforgettable?

Maximalism is all about layers upon layers. We're weaving together different fabrics and elements for that perfect tactile paradise. Picture this: velvety curtains cascading next to a wicker rattan chair, paired with shiny tabletops on rugged Oriental carpets beneath them—the intentional cluttering of textures and pieces brings out maximalism’s soulful vibe.

And seriously, isn’t there something thrilling about turning home into an adventure for the senses?

Accessorizing a maximalist home isn't simply about cramming things into spaces; it's storytelling through every inch of your abode. Think of each shelf, tabletop, and mantlepiece as a spotlighted stage waiting to exhibit your cherished finds. Picture bookcases overflowing with dog-eared novels nestled between shiny brass bookends and weathered antique globes – doesn’t that spark joy? Or how about creating a gallery wall that’s like peeking into the chapters of your life – filled with mementos from journeys taken and love shared.

3. Japandi Decor Simplified: How to Master the Scandi-Japan Hybrid Design

Japandi decor in a Scottsdale home

If maximalism isn't your thing, Japandi style offers a more subdued approach with clean lines, simplicity, and a focus on natural elements. Imagine a space where Scandinavian minimalism shakes hands with Japanese elegance—it's not just the latest fad; it's about bringing peace right into your own home. Let’s wander through the key elements of Japandi design together. I'll show you how to master that perfect blend—it's all about mingling uncluttered comfort with earthy vibes and merging practical charm with pure loveliness.

Picture blending the clean lines of Scandinavian flair with Japanese sophistication's enduring charms – that’s Japandi for you. This fusion in home décor is grabbing hearts, tempting folks who crave a peaceful and uncluttered haven at home. At its core, Japandi design marries practicality with aesthetics; every item serves a reason while beauty thrives in simplicity.

Are you getting pulled into the soothing colors of this style? Does it beckon nature right to your doorstep? In essence, Japandi decorating nudges us toward stripping down our rooms to just what matters most—opting for well-crafted over plentiful.

Japandi bedroom design in a home in ScottsdaleEver stepped into a space so serene that everything seemed thoughtfully picked out and there was room enough to breathe freely? That vibe captures what Japandi stands for. It’s not about making bold statements but rather whispering gently—a nudge reminding us to decelerate and savor each second we have.

Diving into the world of Japandi style decor, we're introduced to a seamless blend where minimalist vibes meet an East-meets-West design philosophy. With this scandi-japan inspired vibe imbuing our spaces, they transform into tranquil havens showcasing japandi must-haves. This decor style steers us towards striking that ideal mix between beauty and practicality—every piece is carefully chosen for its ability to unify space with peaceful elegance.

Wrapping up our journey through Japandi interiors, it becomes evident that this movement transcends mere aesthetics—it's about forging a way of life anchored in uncluttered grace, enduring quality, and the allure of nature. Don't be surprised if you find yourself thinking: maybe embracing the calm confidence of Japandi could shake up more than my living area—it might even redefine my everyday rhythm too!

4. Combining Metal Finishes in Interior Design: Best Practices

So, back in the day, mixing metals was a big no-no. But guess what? In 2024, it's a definite yes. According to designers, mixing up the colors and finishes of metal fixtures and hardware can totally spice up a room, as long as you do it the right way.

How to mix metals like a pro in your home in Scottsdale

The key rule to remember is to steer clear of near matches, like brass and gold, as that's more likely to look accidental than intentional. Instead, go for a bold contrast, like polished nickel and matte black. Some designers even suggest using each metal at least twice in a room to make it look cohesive.

And here's a good rule of thumb: stick to two types of metals in a small room and two to three in a larger space. A cool tip: try playing with undertones (brass is warm, chrome is cool) to change the vibe of a room. Plus, don't be afraid of a little shine - many designers are saying that a retro, high-polished look will replace matte finishes in 2024./p>

If you are immersed in the wonderful world of interior design, you will no doubt be familiar with the ongoing trend of mixing metal finishes. This is a practice that rewards balance and yields dynamism. Get it wrong and your living space could take an intergalactic turn for the worse, so careful consideration of the dos and don’ts of this noble undertaking is essential before you crack on.

Metalism ground zero is a cohesive color palette upon which to build your creative masterpiece. Select one catch-all metallic finish to be the dominant feature – gold, for example – then mix things up a bit with other metal accents at the accessory level. Think picture frames, lighting, and other smallish items that hang around just dying to draw attention to themselves. The idea is to have a harmony between the supporting styles, creating a framework of shades that work together, as ’one’, to lift the room in question to greater heights. If you’re going stainless steel in the kitchen, then why not have some copper or brass lights dangling above? Sounds kind of cute, doesn’t it?

Mixed metal picture frames in a home in Scottsdale, AZ

A holistic interior approach is essential to make the mixing metal finishes idea stick and work for you as intended. Essentially, this is all about the moods that certain finishes can give off and how these play with the background style of your home. Chrome, for example, could be matched with nickel for cool, sleek vibes. Meanwhile, for something purposely old-looking, aged bronze or black iron could make for some fitting choices. If you keep everything in the same decorative pot, chances are the overall harmony will knock the observer off their feet.

There are things to steer clear of. The whole point of mixing metals is variety, but don’t get too carried away and start making everything and everyone in the room notice that you have confused the word ‘variety’ with ‘chaotic mishmash’. The number of finishes you’re mixing has to be balanced, meaning three different finishes on the go at any one time would be the absolute limit before you have to start thinking about calming down a bit.

Scale and proportion come into it too. If you put something big and brash into a room full of little delicate knicknacks, then clearly you are going to have some issues. The key is using things of different sizes to play off against each other, with a steady mix of scales to keep the eyes of wandering observers constantly occupied.

Undertones are vital for harmony in mixing metal finishes. Think of them like a pack of paints that are of the same kind but different hues. Warm and cool metals are not going to meld that well together in the same vase, so remember to only match like with like when using various shades of metal in the same room.

5. Your Kitchen or Bath Remodel Isn't Complete Without Wood Cabinetry and Accents!

Warmth and unspoiled beauty are evoked by the tones of natural wood. The bulky, antiquated cabinets of the past are nothing like those of today. Rather, warmer undertones and light to medium variations, such as white oak and walnut, are trendy. I've been thinking of painting some of my vanities but maybe I should rethink it!

Rich modern wood kitchen cabinets in a home in Scottsdale

The all-white kitchen has been everywhere lately. But in 2024, classic wood cabinetry is making a huge comeback. Industry pros are saying that wood cabinets will be more popular than white in the next three years. Natural wood tones give off a cozy and natural feel, and today's cabinets are nothing like the old, heavy versions.

Light to medium versions, like white oak and walnut, and warmer undertones are all the rage. Adding wood-grain accents to painted kitchen cabinets, like with a contrasting island or range hood, is also a popular choice. And wood is still a top pick for flooring, with 40% of homeowners going for either hardwood or engineered wood when renovating their kitchen floors.

You can also expect to see more wood in bathrooms in 2024. Wood vanities have become more popular than white, bringing a relaxed, organic element into the space.

6. Home Renovations That Will Stand the Test of Time

Classic home decor with a fireplace in a home in Scottsdale

When it comes to timeless home renovations, one of the key elements to consider is the color scheme you choose. Classic colors and palettes not only exude sophistication but also ensure a lasting appeal for your living space.

Starting with a neutral color scheme as the foundation of your design allows for versatility and timelessness. Shades like white, beige, and soft gray create a calming and elegant backdrop that pairs well with any accent colors. Consider using monochromatic color schemes to create a cohesive and sophisticated look. Pairing varying shades of the same color creates a harmonious and elegant ambiance that never goes out of style.

If you need more color than neutral offers, opt for timeless colors such as navy blue, forest green, and warm terracotta to add depth and richness to your rooms. These hues have stood the test of time and can be easily complemented with different decor styles over the years.

No matter what backdrop and main hue you choose, you can introduce pops of color through accent pieces like throw pillows, rugs, or artwork. Classic accent colors like mustard yellow, deep red, or classic black can provide contrast and visual interest without overwhelming the space.

When it comes to elevating your home with a timeless appeal, selecting the right furniture pieces can make a significant impact. Investing in furniture pieces with classic designs is a surefire way to ensure longevity in your home decor. Opt for pieces with clean lines, elegant silhouettes, and neutral colors that can easily adapt to evolving design trends over the years.

Selecting furniture made from high-quality materials such as solid wood, leather, and metal not only adds durability but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your space. Quality materials are less likely to show wear and tear, maintaining their beauty for years to come.

Focus on furniture pieces with timeless silhouettes that transcend passing fads. Pieces like a Chesterfield sofa, mid-century modern armchair, or a farmhouse dining table are timeless choices that never go out of style and can seamlessly blend with various decor.

Opt for versatile furniture that can serve multiple functions and adapt to different spaces within your home. Pieces like storage ottomans, nesting tables, or modular sofas provide flexibility and longevity, making them ideal investments for a timeless interior design.

Classic design doesn't have to look stuffy or old-fashioned. You can achieve a perfect blend of modern and classic elements in home decor that can create a truly timeless and appealing aesthetic.

Streamlined classic couch and wood floor in a Scottsdale home

These stylistic choices tend to hold up well over time, which can prolong the life of your investment and make it easier to sell your home down the road. If you'd like advice on an upcoming project, contact us for a free consultation.

Enhance Your Home's Beauty and Increase Its Value

A home sign with an open book behind it in a bedroom of a home in Scottsdale

Enhancing the appeal of your home can not only make it a more pleasant space for you to live in but also significantly increase its market value. Whether you're contemplating a minor update like a fresh coat of paint or a more extensive renovation, it's crucial to understand how these changes might influence the resale potential of your property.

Keep in mind that buyer preferences can differ greatly depending on factors such as the neighborhood and the overall price range of your home. Before diving into your project, it's wise to seek advice and insights on how your proposed changes could affect the value of your home. Call Judy Orr at 480-906-1500.

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