Bryan's Black Mountain BBQ

bryan's bbq ordering area

Both my husband Jimmy and I had read about Bryan's Black Mountain Barbecue in Cave Creek online.  We were eager to try it.  I had driven past it a couple of times without seeing it, so I thought it was down one of the streets in Cave Creek where the bars, dining, and shops are on North Cave Creek Rd.

We had visited Carefree Desert Gardens and were on our way home when we finally found it - right on Cave Creek Rd - and were excited to go in.  As we drove down Cave Creek Rd on a Sunday afternoon, the bars were packed.  I will admit that we tried The Grotto first but there was a long line outside and no one was distancing.  We then went to El Encanto but there was an hour wait - we were hungry!  That's when we remembered…

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scottsdale home design trends for 2021

I always wonder how trends and fashion get started.  I know clothing designers have their fashion shows, but how long does it take for those fashion trends to drip down to the public?

I feel the same with home decor trends.  Who starts these trends?  How long does it take for a specific design to take hold?  I also know there are design shows, but those aren't always for the public.  I guess a lot of home decor trends get to the public through home magazines sold in supermarkets and stores.

Another way for these trends to be discovered by the general public is to visit new construction models.  That's where the gray and white trends started, along with white cabinets (usually Shaker style, but not always), and different wood or wood laminate…

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Jimmy and I decided to do something fun today, but it was getting late on a Sunday and we know how quickly many places close.  Out of a few ideas, we chose to go to Carefree, Arizona, which we're very close to.  Our purpose was to really see the Desert Gardens.

welcome sign at carefree desert gardens

We've been to Carefree multiple times, but this time we were going to focus on the Desert Gardens.  I tried explaining to Jimmy that the gardens were in the town square and we'd been there before.  But for some reason, he was expecting something else.

I knew that it was a small area (I did my homework).  But when we've gone there prior we really didn't take our time.  It was always just a quick walk-through.  The last time we went was to visit the post office and the resale shop in the…

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do you need a new scottsdale home for 2021

It's still not too late to make some homeowner's real estate resolutions for 2021.  Inventory and interest rates are at historic lows and prices keep climbing.  But even with higher prices, the low-interest rates still help with your buying power.

Home Buyer Resolutions

Work on getting mortgage-ready - figure out your current home buying power.  Your credit score is a big part of qualifying for a mortgage.  Ask for a free credit report from the website. 

Your credit will need to be at least 740 for most lenders, and the lower the score, the higher your interest rate might be.  This is why you need to do this before you start actively looking at homes.  Many agents won't even take you out to see places unless you've been…

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woman searching for a scottsdale real estate

The process of finding your perfect home can be exciting at times, then feel completely overwhelming, and then become inspiring again, and sometimes all in the same day. With the current coronavirus pandemic making everything seem that much harder, there is even more to keep in mind- from setting up virtual home tours so you can scope out prospective homes remotely to what the pandemic might mean for your changing needs.

The good news is that there are plenty of tricks, tips, and resources available to assist you with the sometimes daunting process, so you can focus on the important things- and know what to keep in mind.

Let’s take a look at some top tips to help guide you through your search for the perfect home.

Search Within Your Range

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