happy scottsdale home buyersI remember two or three years ago working with some Scottsdale home buyers that were making full-price offers on properties and still losing out. I lost some of these frustrated buyers who decided to wait until the market slowed down.

That time is now here. Scottsdale home sales are down from last year. In some areas, there is double the inventory available. Although it doesn't seem to have affected prices yet, I am seeing a price reduction trend from current listings that have not sold, some having been listed for months.

This is bad news for home sellers in Scottsdale and other places in the Valley, but if you're thinking of buying this might be the time to do it. Not only are we seeing a general downturn from the record years we had witnessed,…

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snow street in chicago il

I'm sitting in my home with the heat cranked up so high my skin is dry and my hair is full of static. We're going to have record low temps tomorrow for the southwest Chicago suburbs. I was born in the wrong state. As an update in 2020, Illinois is one of the top states that residents are fleeing from.

I'm cold all of the time. My friends make fun of me and my family knows better. In winter I either wear a robe or a blanket wrapped around me at home. If I get tired of that & I’d slip on a pair of long underwear under loose pull-on pants and wear a thick sweatshirt. I’m sure my husband always thinks I've put on a few pounds because of all the clothes I wear.

As a child, it didn't bother me as much

Although I'm not very athletic I did enjoy…

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