scams to look out for in scottsdale during the holiday season

For most of us, we look forward to the upcoming holidays and celebrating with our family and at our workplaces. In the past, we'd have to worry about pickpockets (we still do), but today's scams can hurt us without being near us physically.

I've written an article about home security, and you need to take your credit and identity protection as seriously, if not more. Scams, identity theft, and stolen charge card numbers spike around the holidays. Following are tips on protecting yourself from 8 different scams:

1. Data Breaches
Using charge cards and doing online shopping during the holidays is great for the different stores and suppliers. As we've seen, hackers and scammers can break into big company sites that we felt we could trust. According…

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15 smart scottsdale home gifts

If you're looking for some cool gifts this holiday, you've come to the right place! We have compiled a list of today's popular technology gifts for the home. Get some of these as gifts for others or buy them for your own home.

For Your Entryway

I posted an article this year about home security (the link to the post, with a video, is below this article). Home security systems are becoming commonplace, but not everyone has jumped on the trend. For those that are still on the fence, you might want to get them the gift of security.

Smart Lighting

Did you know that the inventor of Ring video doorbells was turned down on Shark Tank? They are kicking themselves now!

The Ring Smart Light System offers accessories that work in conjunction with…

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