judy orr listed as 5-star real estate agent in chicago magazineI have been published more than the average Scottsdale REALTOR®. A story about one of my domain names was syndicated by The Wall Street Journal online and was all over the Internet. Because of that article, I was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune, The Southtown-Star (who even sent a photographer), and participated on a radio show.

I have been interviewed for quite a few real estate-related articles in the Southtown-Star. I'm not the only one in the family that has been published. My husband Jimmy Herter appeared in a full-page article in The Homer Horizon and my daughter's cat Keeper just appeared as Pet of the Week in the same publication.

I had been contacted by Chicago Magazine but I really didn't understand it. In fact, I truly thought they…

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lion at Out of Africa zoo

I wrote this post on a Wordpress site many years ago and can only find one of the original photos, so this is an updated picture I took from one of my many visits to their newest location.

Before moving to Arizona, my son and I took a trip to visit my Mom in Mesa. One of our most memorable daytrips was to visit Out of Africa which was located in Fountain Hills, before its move to Camp Verde. At the time they were much closer to my Mom’s house in Mesa, AZ.

We’re animal lovers

My son Chad and I are true animal lovers. My Mom had mentioned Out of Africa Wildlife Park so without knowing what it was all about, Chad and I decided to make a day trip. It was 110 degrees that day and although the sweat was dripping down my back, I turned to Chad and…

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