winter can be a great season to sell your scottsdale home

There is a common misconception that you should put your house on the market in winter.  But that's not necessarily true.  There are some advantages for both buyers and sellers of Scottdale area real estate to buy and sell in the fall and winter months.

There are people who need to buy and sell throughout the year.  Sometimes, people planned to do it during the summer but for whatever reason, things got pushed back.

I remember when we bought a Scottsdale townhouse, our first property in Arizona, I figured the real estate market would be the opposite of our prior state of IL.  I thought more people would buy a home in Scottsdale during the winter because the weather was usually nicer then.  Our agent, who also hailed from IL, said that wasn't the…

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welcome banner for the southwest wildlife conservation center in north scottsdale arizona

We visited the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Scottsdale, AZ, for the 2nd time.  A woman that was there said she's lived in Arizona for 42 years and this was her first visit because she didn't know it existed.  We'd love to spread the word.

The first time we went, it was just Jimmy and me.  This time we took our son and our granddaughter.  I missed the available reservation for 2:00 on Christmas Eve so we went the day after Christmas at 10:00.

You have to set an appointment as you are taken into groups with a guide.  Although she had a mask on this time because of the pandemic, I think it was the same guide that took us through the first time a few years ago.

This is a true animal conservation center and sanctuary

Although I…

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share the scottsdale holiday spirit

2020 Has Been a Rough Year

Holidays just aren't the same this year.  My son and my grandsons were going to visit us for Christmas but they can't now because my son's employer won't allow out-of-state travel.  Some people are asking why he told them where he was going.  They have the right to ask, and they did.  He has a great job and didn't want to risk losing it.

That was the final word.  But it was a roller coaster of yes, he could go, then no, he can't go, back and forth.  Just before the final "No", he was told he could go as long as he had a clear Covid test prior to returning.  I was so excited, but now that's not happening.

It's Hard to Keep the Spirit this Year 

I'm sitting at home, which is now sparsely decorated since we're still…

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