cleaning your scottsdale home for sale with a bucket and spongeThis is yet another Throwback Thursday post.  It was originally written on November 29, 2005.  Sellers are still putting their homes on the market for the summer selling season.  We're waiting for two listings to get ready for showings.  The sellers are de-cluttering, cleaning up, painting, etc.

This post goes hand-in-hand with Staging Your Home for Sale.  Even though it was written a decade ago it still holds true for today. The first step to marketing your property is getting it as clean as possible. I'd like this to be an interactive post. I need more tips! Here are a few I've found and I'll keep adding to this.

  • Mr. Clean Erasers - This is great for marks on walls and other things, like the refrigerator. You should wipe the surface down with a…

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