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As you can see from the list below, Arizona is the 2nd out of the top ten states regarding foreclosures and it affects supply and demand which then affects prices.

For the first half of 2009, here are the state foreclosure stats:

1.  Nevada (1 property in every 16 is in foreclosure)

2.  Arizona (1 in 30)

3.  Florida (1 in 33 which surprises me as I thought Florida was faring worse than Arizona, although they're very close)

4.  California (1 in 34 - again a surprise as I thought California would be first)

5.  Utah (1 in 69)

6.  Georgia (1 in 70)

7.  Michigan (1 in 74 - again, I thought this would be higher based on bad news I've heard, but since this is the entire state, we're not just talking about hard-hit Detroit)

8. …

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