buying a scottsdale home for sale on a busy street

This is an older post that is still relevant today, so don't be put off by the date it was created.

I recently showed buyers a home they wanted to view that was located on a busy street.  I told them that I would show it but I also gave them my feelings about making such a purchase.  The Scottsdale home for sale was originally listed at $579,900 and was now priced at $509,000.  That might sound like a bargain with such a high price drop, especially in the area.

But at $509,000, it still is not sold.  I think it needs to go below $500,000, but even then I don't think this property is a real bargain because of its location.  From articles I've read in the past and my own deductions, the value of a home on a busy street (or near a train track,…

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