Throwback Thursday Post - Staging Your Home to Sell

staging your scottsdale home so it sells quickly and for top dollar

Last week I found an older post that still held true today.  I was told by a "website guru" that it might be a good idea to keep old posts, polish them off if necessary and give them a fresh date.  So I'm trying it.  The truth is, many people won't go back to a post written in 2005 and think it pertains to today's market.  But some posts hold up, as the one below does.

The following post was originally written on November 26, 2005

If you've heard of the term "staging" your home, you're probably wondering how important it really is. I believe it is very important. Buyers continue to get pickier. What this means is that your home has to be the best for the price in order to get an offer.

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