Top 10 Scottsdale home design tips for 2023

I have always been interested in home decor and design. I don't know if I could ever be a designer because I only like what I like. It would be difficult for me to attempt to create other people's visions. I can, however, help home sellers to show their homes in the best way possible, and this is a free service I provide. But this isn't about staging to sell.

It's always a delight to share insights on the latest trends in home design with you. With many of us spending more time at home these days we've come to appreciate how personal touches can transform our living spaces into cozy and comfortable havens. From upgraded appliances to functional work areas - there's no shortage of ways for us all to make our homes even more special than ever before. Join me as I explore some exciting possibilities together!

Making our homes reflect who we are is crucial but it's also wise to think about how renovations will affect the property's value over time. While highly personalized fixtures and finishes may be great for us they could make it hard for potential buyers in the future to envision themselves living there too. So let's take a look at some popular design choices that have stood up well against changing trends through time - ensuring your investment pays off handsomely down the line!

As you navigate the home-buying process it's important to consider any necessary updates or renovations. By taking these factors into account early on in your search for a new residence, you can ensure that it becomes everything you've ever dreamed of and more! Don't forget - keeping an eye out now will save headaches later down the line when unexpected expenses arise.

As we move forward into 2023 it's essential to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in interior design. We've identified ten exciting developments that are sure to make an impact this year - from bold colors and textures to eco-friendly materials and smart home technology. But before making any changes consulting a real estate professional is crucial for understanding how these updates will affect your home's value on the market. So don't hesitate; start exploring ways you can incorporate these innovative ideas into your own space today!

1. The Open-floor Concept is Changing

Open floor plan in a Scottsdale home for sale

Maybe it's the homes I was raised in, but I don't like open-concept floor plans. And let's face it, this design is somewhat newer. So unless an older home has gone through extensive renovations, you might not even look at an open concept. 

I've seen homes where there are walls, but they don't go all the way up to the ceiling. It creates a more open feel, but there are no sound barriers with the exception of bedrooms and bathrooms. I've also seen homes where the entire living space is one huge room, and the bedrooms and bathrooms are the only other enclosed rooms in the house. I always felt that I was walking into a big, multi-use space that did not feel warm and inviting. Even when areas were set up in the huge room for cooking, dining, relaxing, and maybe even an office nook, it felt like a hodgepodge to me.

The pandemic has forced many families to reevaluate their living arrangements as they seek greater privacy and separation within the home. In response, designers are reporting that kitchen walls have made a comeback in order to create quieter spaces with distinct areas for dining rooms too! However, this doesn't mean we should go back to dark cramped interiors - it's essential to maintain an openness allowing natural light into every room possible.

So if you're planning on building or renovating your dream house think carefully about how much space is needed between different parts of it; after all not everyone prefers having everything out in plain sight at all times! Keeping these factors in mind will help ensure that you end up with exactly what suits both your lifestyle needs and personal preferences perfectly.

2. Kitchen Trends - What's Hot and What's Not

The kitchen has evolved from being just a functional space into an opportunity for homeowners to express their unique style preferences. Calming tones like water and botanical-inspired blues and greens are gaining popularity as they promote relaxation and wellness in the room. Warm neutrals, earthy hues, and matte finishes have also made their mark by pairing beautifully with natural raw materials.

Kitchen with wood cabinets in a Scottsdale home for sale

To add some playfulness while still maintaining elegance consider using monochromatic color schemes that feel curated yet fun. The trend of having island or bar areas within kitchens remains strong; therefore make sure these focal points stand out during hosting events or entertainment gatherings at your home.

Is grey and white out? If you love it, keep it. But many are getting away from that very much-used theme.

3. Bathrooms

Updated bathroom in a Scottsdale home for sale

The bathroom has evolved from being just a utilitarian space into one that serves as an oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation. With nature-inspired trends on the rise, tactile textures like natural stone or wood are becoming increasingly popular choices in designing this personal sanctuary. Additionally incorporating leafy green hues can bring about calming effects similar to those experienced outdoors while showering under colorful lights creates unique sensory experiences perfect after long days at work. This transformation of the once mundane room into something extraordinary is truly remarkable!

4. Indoor-Outdoor Living: Embrace It

In today's fast-paced world finding peace and tranquility in nature is a rare luxury. However, incorporating elements of the outdoors into your home's interior design can help create an inviting atmosphere that promotes relaxation. By doing so you'll be able to escape from daily stresses while still enjoying all the comforts of home life.

The easiest way to bring nature indoors is by embracing natural light. Remove heavy drapes or opt for sheer curtains instead of blocking out sunlight altogether in well-lit areas. This will not only brighten up your space but also showcase any greenery or scenic views outside. By doing so you'll create a seamless transition between the inside and outside worlds that feels both inviting and peaceful.

Infusing your interiors with a touch of greenery and fresh air is made easy by incorporating houseplants into the mix. Whether you have limited space or are an experienced gardener there exist numerous plant options that can fit any need while purifying indoor air quality and simultaneously creating a lively ambiance within homes. By introducing plants as part of interior design schemes homeowners can enjoy healthier living environments without sacrificing style.

A living room with a hammock in a Scottsdale home

Transforming your home into a cozy oasis is easy when you incorporate natural materials. Swapping synthetic furnishings for those made from wood, wicker or rattan can create instant warmth and earthiness in any space. Adding touches like jute rugs, linen curtains or woven baskets infuses rustic charm while celebrating the beauty of nature outside. With these simple steps, anyone can achieve their dreamy at-home retreat without breaking the bank!

Bringing nature indoors is an effective way to create a peaceful atmosphere in any space. Consider incorporating artwork inspired by the great outdoors such as landscapes, botanical illustrations, or wildlife photography into your decor scheme for maximum impact. These pieces will not only serve as focal points but also provide a sense of calm and connection with nature that can be beneficial for overall well-being.

Create a green corner in your home by setting aside an area for displaying plants, flowers or even starting up an indoor herb garden. This dedicated space will not only add vibrancy but also serve as a reminder of the importance of nurturing and caring for nature. It is essential to prioritize this aspect of life if we want our planet to thrive in future generations.

For those who have the means, transforming windows is a great option, along with floor-to-ceiling windows to really capture the view outside. This can be particularly effective in creating an impressive and luxurious look for any space.

5. Unlocking the Benefits of Nature-Inspired Spaces with Biophilic Design

This is an extension of Number 4 above. Biophilic design is an up-and-coming trend in architecture and interior design that aims to combine natural elements into man-made habitats. This type of design works towards forming a link between us humans and nature, allowing us to feel calmer, healthier and more cheerful with our environments.

Moreover, it helps decrease stress levels while enhancing productivity at the same time! By including components from nature such as plants, water features, plenty of light via windows or skylights, open areas like terraces for fresh air access along with greenery incorporated in the decoration scheme - biophilic designs create a setting that feels welcoming & comfortable for its users. Have you ever noticed how pleasant it felt when visiting some restaurant outdoors during warm summer days? It's probably because those places have used biophilic concepts on their patio spaces - creating a cozy atmosphere where people can relax among trees accompanied by birds singing sounds!

It's no surprise that biophilic designs are frequently used in healthcare settings since they can drastically improve the health outcomes of patients. Studies have demonstrated that those exposed to nature recover more quickly than those who don't or only get a small amount of exposure. Furthermore, these same design principles help students stay focused when studying and enhance creativity during art classes - both great reasons to incorporate them into educational establishments too!

But it's not just mental well-being that makes biophilic designs so beneficial; there are plenty of practical advantages as well. For example, plants and water features like fountains or ponds can help clean the air by filtering out pollutants. Even better they act as natural humidifiers in dusty areas with lots of allergens floating around - who wouldn't want a healthier environment?

What's more, biophilic designs are energy efficient too – buildings with large windows mean you get all the benefits of natural light without needing to use nearly so much electricity for lighting during day hours! Finally, these types of designs also provide acoustic insulation; materials like bamboo have been found to absorb sound waves far more efficiently than plasterboard or other traditional building materials.

Natural biophilic design trends in Scottsdale homes

Incorporating nature into interior spaces is all the rage in today's world of design. Although we've seen natural elements within interiors for centuries, modern advancements and sustainability practices have resulted in eco-friendly designs becoming increasingly popular. Biophilic design blends together elements like plants, wood tones with sustainable measures such as energy efficiency and water conservation to create an aesthetically pleasing yet environmentally responsible environment. Nature can be a great source of peace when it comes to living or working spaces alike; not only does it provide a calming atmosphere but also encourages creative thoughts!

Introducing a bit of nature into our indoor environment can really boost wellbeing, productivity and deliver some serious psychological benefits. Wood floors or stone countertops provide an amazing way to bring in the outdoors without forfeiting style and comfort. Beyond just looking pretty they're also efficient options from an eco-friendly point of view – you don't have to sacrifice performance for sustainability! Have you ever noticed how much better it feels when there's something natural around?

When it comes to incorporating sustainability into a biophilic design scheme, energy-efficient LED bulbs are the way to go. They require less electricity and generate more light than traditional incandescent bulbs - while lasting longer too! Installing low-flow faucets in bathrooms is an easy step that will make your home eco-friendly without compromising its style or function; plus you'll be saving money on water bills in the end. It's possible to combine natural elements with sustainable practices for captivating interiors that look great and don't harm our planet - indeed, nature-inspired designs can really put Earth first!

Green architecture is an impressive way of putting into practice the biophilic design trend. Not only does it aim to conserve resources and make efficient use of energy, but also produces spaces that are aesthetically pleasing yet complement nature in its surroundings. When designing buildings with a green concept, local climate as well as geography and vegetation has to be taken seriously so that both effectiveness and beauty can be achieved at once. Additionally, natural ventilation reduces expenditure on electrical power whereas rainwater harvesting systems come useful for irrigation purposes – all this makes sure that every penny spent adheres to sustainability guidelines!

Green architecture puts a focus on using materials that are sustainable and renewable like bamboo or cork flooring, recycled glass countertops, tiles made from plastic bags or rubber tires. By utilizing these building supplies architects can show their commitment to preserving the environment while maintaining good air quality and cutting down waste output. When it comes to energy conservation green architecture looks into passive solar heating methods that use the sun's rays for interior temperature control without having to constantly rely on electricity consumption - saving money while still making sure occupants have comfortable living spaces. Along with passive solar heating structures designed according to eco-friendly principles may feature rooftop gardens as well as providing extra insulation lowering cooling costs during sweltering summer days by blocking incoming sunlight coming in through windows or other openings. What better way is there of doing our part than going green?

In conclusion, biophilic design has become an increasingly popular trend in sustainable architecture and interior design. Bringing elements of nature into our homes, offices, or other spaces creates eco-friendly interiors that promote sustainability practices while also fostering a sense of comfort and tranquility. As green architecture becomes more mainstream around the world, it's clear that incorporating features inspired by the natural environment is essential to creating aesthetically pleasing yet environmentally conscious living areas.

6. Sustainable Design

This is somewhat similar to Numbers 4 & 5 above, but I wanted to summarize it in a separate paragraph. As we become increasingly aware of our environmental impact sustainable design choices are gaining popularity. By selecting raw materials and textures that are eco-conscious and sustainable you can create a warm inviting space while also contributing to a greener future. These options not only enhance the ambiance but promote responsible living practices for generations to come. Make an informed decision today!

7. Timeless Colors and Materials

colorful living room with teal walls and a yellow couch with a goldfish bowl in a Scottsdale home

Say goodbye to stark and sterile interiors - it's all about cozy vibes this year! Neutral tones like greige or off-white cabinets paired with light woods create a soothing atmosphere that feels both timeless and welcoming. Don't forget the finishing touch: warm bronze or brass accents add just enough shine without overwhelming your space. With these elements in place, you can rest easy knowing that your home will always feel inviting no matter what trends come and go.

This is the time to get back to some color if greige or off-white still feels too bland to you. Get warm with reds, darker beiges, and earthy greens. Or go pastel with blues, greens, pinks, etc. If you do plan on selling your home soon, try to keep things neutral. Otherwise, make yourself happy!

As you consider how to decorate your home remember that it's not just about aesthetics. A well-designed and updated space can bring joy into your life while also being an excellent investment for the future. So why wait? Start exploring these trends today.

8. Set the Stage With Lighting

Layered lighting in a Scottsdale home for sale

The impact of lighting on our homes cannot be overstated. With the right illumination, we can elevate certain activities while also setting an ambiance that suits different times throughout the day. Homeowners are now recognizing this fact and making changes to their existing lighting choices in order to create a more enjoyable living space overall.

In recent times people have been eschewing the traditional bright overhead lighting for a more personalized approach. They are opting instead for lamps and specific fixtures that add character to their rooms. For instance, in your kitchen using various types of lights such as under cabinet, task, or ambient ones enables you to adjust according to time of day what activities need illumination. This gives flexibility while creating an ambiance tailored just right for any occasion!

There are several noteworthy lighting trends emerging. Statement chandeliers, pendants, and wall sconces will be in high demand this year featuring a range of materials and shapes. If you're thinking about updating your current setup start by incorporating floor or table lamps into different areas within the space before making any significant changes like rewiring. This approach allows for experimentation without committing to anything long-term right away. With so many options available why wait? Get started today!

Your home's lighting should be a reflection of who you are and what matters most to you. Don't hesitate to experiment with different styles or heights until you find the perfect combination that creates an inviting atmosphere for all guests. Whether it's classic elegance achieved through brass finishes paired with black accents or natural sustainability accomplished using woven grasses and stone - there is no limit to how creative you can get! So go ahead and let your personality shine brightly throughout every room in your home by incorporating unique lighting elements into each space.

Lighting has the power to transform any space into something truly magical. Embrace this magic and let it illuminate your home with warmth and charm.

9. Curved Furniture and Architectural Accents - The Latest Trend

curved furniture in a Scottsdale homePhoto by Wilson Lighting – Look for living room pictures

This is a design trend that is kind of the opposite of my preferences. I like sharp corners and squares. Our living room couch is a "soft" rectangle. I guess we're in style with our family room sectional, which has a more rounded appearance than our past sharp-angled setup. Even the copper and wood coffee table in that room is kidney-shaped.

Architectural designs featuring curves and arches are all the rage in 2023. These elements borrow from classical design principles while incorporating retro trends for a modern touch. The result? A sleek yet relaxed atmosphere that feels natural thanks to its rounded corners. By avoiding sharp edges you can create an environment that's more comfortable and inviting than ever before!

Incorporating the latest trend into your new build or remodeling plans can be achieved through various means. Curved kitchen islands and bars along with arched alcoves are all excellent options that will add a touch of elegance to any space. For those who want something more dramatic, incorporating arched windows and doorways is another option worth considering.

Finally, light fixtures such as bubble chandeliers or globe pendants can complete this look by adding an element of sophistication. With these ideas in mind, you'll have no trouble creating a beautifully curated home environment that reflects both style and substance.

Achieving this aesthetic is effortless even without extensive renovations. Furniture with rounded edges will add softness to any space while arched folding screens and circular rugs can help break up larger areas. These simple yet effective design choices make it easy for anyone to create an inviting atmosphere in their home or office.

10. Art Deco's Comeback - Timeless Elegance for Modern Homes in 2023

In the ever-changing world of home decor, trends come and go but some design styles remain timeless. One such style is Art Deco which emerged in the 1920s and 30s symbolizing luxury, opulence, and progress. With its bold geometric patterns, sleek lines and rich materials, this classic look has made a highly anticipated comeback for home design in 2023. Join us as we explore how incorporating Art Deco elements into your space can transform it from ordinary to extraordinary!

One of the most iconic interior design styles that can completely transform a space is none other than Art Deco. Reaching its peak popularity during the 1920s, '30s, and '40s this style boasts an inherent glamour and traditional luxury. It is characterized by geometric patterns, bold colors, symmetrical designs, metallic finishes, decadent detailing, and tons of visual drama - if it looks like something out of The Great Gatsby. With such impactful elements combined with timeless elegance Art Deco remains one of our favorite ways to create unforgettable spaces today.

Art Deco, also known as style moderne was the dominant design trend of the 1920s and early thirties. Its signature features include simple shapes adorned with geometric decorations that exude glamour through metallics like silver or chrome alongside jewel tones such as jade green hues. While not for those who prefer understated interiors, this eclectic look can elevate even a plain space into something truly remarkable. Shop around for Art Deco fixtures, wall coverings, and furniture pieces that work well in both small doses or larger installments - all guaranteed to evoke levels of luxury worthy of F Scott Fitzgerald himself! So why wait? Bring some Roaring Twenties charm into your modern-day abode today.

3 Art Deco tips for your Scottsdale home

Art Deco's enduring appeal lies in its extravagant use of materials and textures. From polished metals to lustrous woods, from plush velvet upholstery to smooth marble surfaces - this style adds opulence and richness wherever it is applied. By incorporating these lavish elements into your home you are not only enhancing its visual impact but also creating an aura of sophistication that will impress potential buyers. Art Deco offers a surefire way to elevate the value of any property while ensuring maximum WOW factor!

It is renowned for its striking use of bold geometric patterns that add a sense of drama and visual interest to any space. Chevron, sunburst, or stepped motifs are just some examples of how this style can be incorporated into wallpapers, rugs or even architectural elements like moldings or window frames - all adding up to create an elegant yet charismatic ambiance in your home. By embracing Art Deco's unique charm through these eye-catching designs you're showcasing individuality.

Art Deco is a timeless design style that seamlessly blends vintage charm with modern flair. By incorporating elements such as geometric shapes, mirrored surfaces and metallic accents into your home decor you can create an ambiance reminiscent of the 1920s while still embracing contemporary sensibilities in 2023. With Art Deco it's possible to strike a perfect balance between honoring history and moving forward towards new possibilities. Why not give this classic yet fresh approach a try?

In Summary

If you're like me, you enjoy checking out the latest design trends in home decorating. But you still lean towards the things you love, the colors that you enjoy, and the furnishings that suit your style and functionality needs.

If you are thinking about selling your home, you really don't need to worry about current trends. Just keep things as neutral as possible, clean and clutter-free. I can help you "stage" your home at low or no cost (it is a free service I provide). I've had homes sell quickly and for top dollar using my suggestions. I even had a family that decided not to sell at all after following my advice! Give me a call at 480-906-1500.

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