I just noticed that the above banner of my Dad through his life has a name below it - John Reimer, 2002. That is my brother, who created the photo collage. My Dad's name was Harold John Reimer but everyone called him Bud.

mom and dad when they already moved to Mesa AZ

I didn’t think I could ever handle the passing of my father. I was a Daddy’s Girl. As I mentioned in a previous post, he was a dream father, all my friends loved him. He was a hard worker and maintained our home lovingly. We weren’t even allowed to cut the grass because he needed it done perfectly.

Yet as much of a hard worker and perfectionist as he was, I truly considered him to also be very laid-back, funny, gentle, kind, friendly, and a whole lotta fun. He was popular at work and among his group of friends. He was one of…

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