You have to be careful about how you talk to my Mom. She’s very opinionated and demands respect, but she can also be hurt easily. But after hearing her broken record over and over during phone calls, “but it’s a dry heat…” I couldn’t take it any longer. I replied, “OK, Mom, I get it! It’s a dry heat. Enough already!

it's a dry heat coaster in scottsdale arizona

A coaster set we just had to buy

As little interest as I had in Arizona, another reason was the high temps. Let me state that I am always cold. I love warmth. In the summer here in Chicago I only use the a/c if it’s really hot and humid, or if it’s warm and humid (which makes it feel hotter than it really is). A 90-degree day in Chicago is extremely hot because there’s usually high humidity in the air.

So when I’m hearing temps of…

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