ThanksgivingIt's been a bad year for so many people.  How many have lost their jobs and their Scottsdale homes?  How many will not be able to sit down to a lavish turkey and stuffing Thanksgiving dinner this year, unless they have the good fortune of a local soup kitchen?

I don't usually write posts to reflect like this but even I have been scared by our current economy.  I still try to keep a good outlook although I must admit I've become guarded.

This certainly wasn't my best year in real estate sales and we don't really know what next year will bring.  More and more agents are quitting real estate sales, but I would never do that.  My bad year is most agents' good, or average, year.  It would shock most people to know what the average real estate agent…

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I am surprised at the fact that many Scottsdale real estate sellers act surprised when I tell them we're in an historic bad real estate market.  So many reply, "Really?!", almost like they're shocked to hear this news.  I don't get it, just turn on the television, read a newspaper, go on the Internet, and you'll read all about the bad economy and the bad real estate market.  Buyers sure know about it!

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Why Are Some Agents Acting So Positive?

Many agents are taught to be positive and don't mention the fact that they're having a bad year.  NAR is advertising a campaign to give people hope - it's a great time to buy, yada, yada, yada.  Of course, that mantra is true - it's a good time to buy, although some professionals say keep waiting as prices…

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scottsdale real estate crystal ballI sure wish I had a crystal ball.  There are so many different opinions out there, and I'm talking about trusted individuals that I look up to for their wisdom.  Yet they all have different views of the real estate market.

The Real Estate Predictions

I can't remember if it was our own National Association of REALTORS (NAR) or a large real estate publication that told us we would see a recovery in the 3rd quarter of 2008.  That sure didn't happen.  They pretty quickly changed their prediction to the 4th quarter which didn't ring true to me because in the Scottsdale area our 4th quarter is always slow due to winter and the holidays.  So when I read that I wasn't convinced and my gut feelings were correct.  We are still seeing ever declining prices and…

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UPDATE:  The Topix website no longer allows guest editors, which I think is a real shame.  This was an online local news source for all different towns and areas.

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In doing searches for different towns I've noticed that Topix always seems to come up in the search engines.  After reading another real estate agent's blog posting on the subject from the popular real estate portal called Active Rain, I skipped over to the Topix website and joined as an editor for the city of Scottsdale.

You can read the latest Scottsdale news, read some posts on Scottsdale real estate and join in on forums for local or national news items.  I'm thinking of joining up as editor of a couple of other towns although they already have editors (there can be multiple…

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