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Scottsdale's market stands for one of the hottest markets in the Greater Phoenix area. Although the market has been cooling with higher interest rates, we still have buyers competing for a properly priced property that is clean, up-to-date, and shows well. Bidding wars here are exactly that - wars. However, the explosive atmosphere we saw in the beginning of the year seems to lull today's sellers into thinking that selling is a piece of cake and that they don't need to put in much effort. In reality, even in the hottest market, it's not enough to exist and have a property to sell. Besides, the competitive kind of sale will make the potential buyers offer less. So, let's go over some things to avoid when putting your Scottsdale house on the market with the help of our experts.

Using a mobile phone to take images for a listing

Many purchasers who are migrating to Arizona from other states will have no choice but to see your house online before making their purchase. When you have that picture of your home for sale that doesn't present it in the best possible light, you risk having many potential buyers pass over your house. So, please employ a professional photographer with a good portfolio, and ensure they advertise your home. We only hire professionals to market your home.

hand holding a cell phone
Your smartphone might be good for many things, but it’s not good for taking pictures before putting your Arizona house on the market.

Not checking properties once they have been refurbished

The moment you enter the door, you are captivated by the splendor of this "like-new" house. Everything is sparkling and brand-new, and it seems to be in excellent condition. But what about the things that are hidden from your view? You don't even need to do a traditional house inspection. The most important things that are an absolute must are:

  • an air conditioning examination
  • a plumbing inspection
  • having the lines scoped
  • having the roof checked

Remember, you can put as much makeup as you like on your house, but if you avoid "skincare," imperfections will still show underneath. Of course, we're not saying you should skip decluttering and all the staging. Decluttering is quite an important step in selling your property.

The offer with the best price tag is not necessarily the one to accept

We've had some sellers accept an offer that had the greatest possible price, even though the buyer may not have been as qualified. And then their loan application is rejected just three days before the closing. After that, it was time to go back to the drawing board. Then, we will have to go back and relist it, and then we will have to find another buyer. So, you want to make sure you do background checks on the purchasers. Make sure your agent phones their loan officer, and make sure that they are eligible.

a lot of money in a suitcase
Don’t blindly trust all the offers you get.

You can't expect that purchasers will have the same taste as you

A lot of sellers struggle with letting go of their property. It's understandable. At the end of the day, it's the place you call home. However, the real estate market is ruthless and everything but personal. Especially in our current market that is showing more price reductions than bidding wars, you don't have the luxury of assuming that everyone will share your taste in interior design. If you don't step up your game, you might lose a lot of money.

Ideally, you'll consult the staging experts, who will share their vision of your home with you before the open house. If you don't feel like you can handle the expense of hiring one, search online for all the best ideas for staging and interior design. Judy Orr is not a professional stager but she can give you advice that has helped others sell their home in one day, and not in a Seller's Market.

Make sure to get all the help you need

Since we're talking about getting help from staging experts, we shall not forget the other little necessary helpers too. In a market like Scottsdale, where buyers expect more now, you should avoid doing some things on your own. Having an experienced agent by your side can help you a lot when you're swimming with sharks. Also, don't forget to find the right moving company and look for a skilled team. It's improbable that you'll be able to do all that lifting on your own, and moving companies in Arizona are often busy all year long.

Letting first offers wait

It's understandable that you, as a seller, believe that the more we wait, the more others will get interested, and there will be great competition for the home. However, in reality, those individuals that showed up on the first day are typically the ones who are the most driven, the most hungry, and the most eager to get a deal done. So, don't make the mistake of letting those buyers wait. Make sure to respond to every offer as soon as possible. Of course, you'll need some time to think things through. And that's okay. But remember that thinking too long may help the big fish escape your net. And those never come back.

Setting up the price too high when putting your Scottsdale house on the market

Now, we did say that Scottsdale has always had one of the hottest real estate markets in the US? And that's why sellers tend to set up a high price at the beginning of the process. However, with everything happening after the pandemic and during the war between Russia and Ukraine, you need to consider one important factor - inflation. We've already covered why inflation is important for the real estate market. In a nutshell, fewer buyers will be able to afford the same properties, and bidding wars inevitably lose their quality. So, if you want to sell your house as soon as possible (before inflation causes even more damage), avoid setting the price too high at the beginning.

A handshake
If you set the price too high, you might lose a good deal.

Bottom line

Okay, now you know what the major things to avoid when putting your Scottsdale house on the market are. Instead of making these crucial mistakes, it's best if you consult reliable real estate agents. The best thing to do is to ask all the questions that might go around in your head. Don't leave anything to chance. Make sure to sell the place you call home at the best possible price in the shortest amount of time. Call Judy Orr at 480-877-1549.

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