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Get your home organized and decluttered because potential buyers are known to be put off by chaos and mess. Decluttering can help you sell your home, but you'll start over in your new house with a peaceful, clutter-free environment. For many of us, cutting back on possessions is challenging because many things have a sentimental value associated with them in the form of memories and experiences. In contrast, others simply feel comfortable in a home full of their favorite items. But now is the time to start thinking about selling. The hard truth is that you have to make the best first impression on potential purchasers who are not interested in or need your recollections.

Buyers choose a home they can easily picture as their own and value storage and space. Making your home appear larger, highlighting your storage, and carefully trimming are all ways to strike the ideal balance of depersonalized comfort that will make it simple for purchasers to picture themselves relocating there. The idea is to make potential buyers stay in each room for a while to appreciate your house's advantages and qualities. See our list of tips below for how decluttering can help you sell your home.

Start simply

The hardest part of decluttering is frequently knowing where and how to begin. But you can ease into the exercise by following a few straightforward suggestions. Start with one room at a time, preferably a small, simple one, and don't go on until it's finished. You might want to organize your belongings by type, such as by dealing with all of the house's books. It's usually better to start with clothes or things that have a little emotional value to you. This way, you can save the old pictures and letters for last.

Give yourself a deadline to finish decluttering a specific room or category, and then stick to it! When clearing for sale, be careful not to get lost in nostalgia because it is not your friend.

The 12-month rule

Not a piece of advice for the hesitant, but it might be your greatest ally while organizing for sale and preparing the items. It's easy: for each item, consider whether you've used it or thought about it in the last year. If you come up empty-handed, that's a good sign that you should no longer keep that item.

Sort your belongings into three categories: things you should keep (and temporarily store), things you should donate, and things you should throw away. Label cardboard boxes in advance to make it simple to organize your belongings. Use color-coded stickers or labels to mark larger items, like furniture, that need to be stored, donated, or disposed of. You can even consider a storage off-site unit. You can have excess things that need to be temporarily kept elsewhere. Just keep in mind that the goal of decluttering is to save you time and money when selling, not to add to your costs.

You can quickly begin the decluttering process by depersonalizing any area. It is more difficult for purchasers to envision themselves living in your house when there are unique antiques like photos on the bedside table, religious icons, family treasures, and children's drawings on the refrigerator. Your home should feel comfortable and lived in, but it shouldn't be cluttered with your possessions.

Arrange your kitchen

Keep in mind that kitchens are where people buy houses, so prepare for work! Buyers will be pulling open cabinets in search of that crucial storage space. Clear away whatever you can live without from your cupboards over the following few months. Each drawer, cabinet, and closet must look to have enough space inside for your purposes and extra room.

In fact, buyers want to see themselves entertaining in your kitchen, not doing the dishes, so remove any gadgets from the counters, store towels and potholders in drawers rather than hanging them from the oven door, and tuck soap dishes, sponges, and detergents under the sink. Remove any signs of a problem, such as mousetraps or ant powder, and remove all personal items from the refrigerator.

kitchen with gray cabinets in a scottsdale home for sale

Allow your kitchen to showcase its full potential by placing a dish of fresh apples and a few strategically placed flowers or house plants on the counters.

Beautify bedrooms

Buyers will be opening the wardrobe and won't appreciate a mess coming out on top of them, so don't just stuff everything in there and hope for the best. Starting with the 12-month test, donate any clothing you haven't worn in the last 12 months. It's simple to make a wardrobe appear spacious and organized by putting seasonal stuff in storage and rearranging everything based on kind and color.

Remove any extra furniture, such as a large dresser, and only keep a bed and one bedside table with few accessories per person. Make sure your bed is clean, fresh, and neutral, and take anything out from under the bed. Remove picture frames, posters, and artwork from the child's room and choose between a bedside table and a small desk. It's also a fantastic opportunity to purge children's toys; whatever alternative causes the least distress, do it yourself while they are at school or enlist assistance. By limiting the number of items per room, decluttering can help you sell your home in no time!

beautiful bedroom in luxury Scottsdale real estate

Bedrooms function best when they are light, airy, and have neutral soft furnishings, simple design, and little personalization.

Increase the effect of storage spaces

You may be sure that prospective buyers will closely investigate any additional internal storage spaces. Be ruthless and throw as much away as possible to make your storage spaces appear roomy and organized.

After finishing up inside the house, focus on the garage and garden shed. It's crucial that they also receive the decluttering treatment, but if you can't get to them in time, it won't be a deal breaker. Donate used camping and recreational equipment instead of throwing away outdated tools and goods that you planned to fix "one day." Once more, be as brutal as you can. The remaining items should be organized and neatly rehomed.

According to experts from NYC Mini Storage, renting storage is a fantastic choice if you're selling your house. Decluttering will be the first step you must take if you decide to go with this activity and are eager to prepare your home for sale.

Get creative with office and hobby spaces

Converting that particular office or hobby space into an additional bedroom increases the possibility of selling your house. In some circumstances, you might be able to keep your office desk and put in a single bed to demonstrate how a tiny space can be used in two ways.

However, a dedicated office or craft room can also be very beneficial if you already have many bedrooms. If you are fortunate enough to have extra room, make the most of it by keeping it tidy and organized. If not, don't worry! This is one of the many reasons why people use storage. Renting storage will help you have more space to work with and keep less clutter around the house. 

Clean up the bathrooms

Putting all those cosmetics, colognes, and personal care items away will be good for the bathrooms. Keep your master bedrooms and bathrooms as uncluttered as possible because they need to feel opulent. All bathroom vanities should have a clear top and, for design and aroma, perhaps a scented candle or some fresh flowers. Use neutral-colored towels, clean up, and fix any grout that has been discolored or shows signs of mold. It would be best if you cleaned the toilet bowl of any stains, and the bathroom should be kept exceptionally clean.

bathroom in a luxury Scottsdale home for sale

Ensure the bathroom surfaces, including the shower screens, seem clean and well-maintained.

Final words

There are so many advantages to decluttering, but the biggest ones are the cost and time savings. As you can see, with good enough organization, decluttering can help you sell your home efficiently and quickly. The additional benefit of preparing your property for sale is that you may begin to mentally and emotionally distance yourself from it, significantly lessening the stress of selling and moving. Start early with your decluttering, and you'll soon see the benefits!

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