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Buying a home is a huge decision. Even though you have probably been planning this for a long time now, you should not rush into anything. It is easy to make a mistake when purchasing a property. To help you avoid potential errors, here are a few questions to ask your Scottsdale real estate agent before buying a house.

Check if the real estate agent has a proper license

When hiring a real estate agent, you want to work with a professional. The first thing to ask is if they have a license. This is an essential step because there are a lot of scammers in the business.

Buying a house is an expensive investment, and you want to secure it. Only work with people who are verified professionals.

Ask the agent about their experience

Another way to know if the real estate agent you picked is the right choice is to check how many years of experience they have. You want someone who knows the housing market and understands the business.

Ask for references

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As a first-time homebuyer, you always want to hire an experienced and licensed real estate agent.

The third checkup is to ask for references from previous buyers. If they were satisfied, you have nothing to worry about. The real estate business is complex, and not every agent can provide the same quality of service. You want the best of the best.

What is the true value of the property?

Probably the most crucial question of all. Finding out the property's true value is one of the essential tips for searching for a new home. The price that the seller sets is usually not a realistic price. It depends on multiple factors

  • potential repairs;
  • overall condition of the house;
  • proximity to important locations;
  • neighborhood;
  • the overall value of homes in the area.

Ask if the seller is open to negotiations

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Always check if it is possible to negotiate the price before agreeing to the first offer.

If the price does not fit your budget but you like the home, you need to ask if the seller is open to negotiations. If not, they are just wasting your time. It is better to ask immediately and move on if they are not willing to budge.

Is it possible to get a virtual tour of the home?

Due to COVID-19, health and safety have become imperative. We all need to follow general safety rules. This makes it more challenging to inspect the property you want to buy. However, a tour of the place is essential because you can visualize what the home would look like if you were to move in.

Luckily, now you can schedule a virtual tour of the property. Just be sure to check two things with your real estate agent. First, if the seller allows a virtual tour. And second, how virtual tours work.

Why is the seller selling the house?

This is something that buyers often forget to ask. However, this question will tell you if there is a problem with the property. Sometimes, the seller wants to sell the place because repairs are too expensive. Whatever the case, make sure to check with your agent.

Check if there are any necessary repairs

Unless you are buying a new home, chances are you will have to remodel the place before moving in. This is a common situation, and you should not be surprised by it. Nevertheless, the amount of repairs is one of the determining factors of the price.

You always want to get the full disclosure of the house before closing the deal.

Ask your agent if there are any better deals on the market

an illustration of a person holding a magnifying glass and globe with apartments

Check the entire market before deciding what home to buy.

All real estate agents know their markets and what is on offer. So, you should check out more offers before you make the final decision and start with the relocation planning. Scottsdale is one of the most popular places in the state. But you should definitely consider other areas as there are many popular cities in Arizona to move to. A common mistake first-time homebuyers make is sticking with the first choice.

How long will the entire process last?

If you are buying a home for cash, you don't have to worry about the length of the process. However, a small percentage of people can afford that. The majority need a home loan, and that can take some time.

Speak with your agent about all the paperwork you need to collect. They will guide you through the entire process.

What happens if the seller or buyer breaches the terms of the contract?

When signing a closing contract, you need to understand the consequences that come with it. Sometimes, one or the other party fails to comply with the terms of the agreement. When that happens, there are consequences.

You must fully understand the contract. Ask the real estate agent if they witnessed any situations when an agreement was breached and what happened. If you are ready to commit to the contract, that is a clear sign you are ready to buy your first home.

Ask for full transparency when buying a house

And there you have it. These are the most important questions to ask your Scottsdale real estate agent before buying a house. It is imperative to always ask for full transparency. If there is even one question that you cannot get an answer to, there is something wrong. Stay clear of agents that don't answer your questions. Best of luck with buying your home!

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