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With so many people working remotely this year and the en-masse relocation that’s been going on, chances are you may be looking for a great new location. While one of the major advantages of remote work is the flexibility you gain, this lifestyle also comes with some specific needs that should be met.

Some locations are more suited to a remote lifestyle than others, and Scottsdale, Arizona just so happens to be a great destination if you’re working from home. Here are the top 7 reasons why remote workers love Arizona.

1. A large remote work community

Remote work can be very lonely if none of your friends can relate to your lifestyle, so it really helps to have a built-in community of fellow remote workers who understand the intricacies of the job.

Arizona is actually one of the states with the highest remote worker rates – 6.3% of Arizona employees worked from home. That number has grown even more as a result of the pandemic.

Long story short, you’re not in danger of being isolated and misunderstood, because Scottsdale, Arizona is home to lots of fellow freelancers, small business owners, and other remote workers.

2. Remote-friendly resources

woman working on a computer in a scottsdale coffee shopAnd because Arizonans love working from home so much, there is also a wealth of resources at your disposal. It’s so important for your location to be remote-friendly because that’s going to enable you to thrive.

From laptop-friendly coffee shops to free Wi-Fi, great library resources, and even laptop repair shops, Arizona knows how to take care of its remote employees.

And if you don’t want to be stuck at your Scottsdale home all day or pay for hundreds of coffees, co-working spaces are also super popular locations among remote workers. That allows you to replicate an office environment, but much more flexible, close to home, and on your own terms.

3. A youth-oriented state

One of the best things about the state of Arizona is that it’s a very fun, youth-oriented place. Since remote work involves so many hours spent alone in your home, fun and entertainment become that much more important, so living somewhere exciting is a must.

The good news is that lots of Millennials, especially, have been relocating to Arizona, especially to cities like Phoenix and Scottsdale. With so many leaving California because of the increasingly high cost of living, they’re all looking for the next best thing – and that’s Arizona.

rehab burger therapy patio in scottsdale arizona is a hot spot for millenials

You’ll never get bored here, between the music festivals, delicious cuisine, fun clubs, and charming cafes. Not to mention the thriving art scene. If you’re into working hard and partying hard, Arizona is the place for you.

4. Affordable living

Every news outlet is warning about how people are leaving California in droves. And where are they going? Texas and Arizona, mainly. Arizona has all of the advantages and excitement of California, with one important difference: Scottsdale real estate is way more affordable.

In fact, affordability is one of the primary reasons why remote workers are choosing cities like Scottsdale. With Arizona landing right on par with the national average in terms of costs of living and home prices, it’s a big plus when you compare it to other popular locations that offer the same advantages.

That’s a huge reason why there are so many freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers here. The cost of launch is low, so a small business can grow and thrive here.

5. Great internet access

It may seem immaterial, but great internet has suddenly become extremely important for a lot of employees allwoman working out of a  scottsdale home office over the country. Remote workers all rely on one thing, more than anything else, and that’s a good, strong, reliable internet connection.

Good internet coverage and affordable prices are a priority for those who work from home, so the fact that Arizona is served by a lot of different providers at different price points is actually a major plus, especially compared to more remote places with outdated infrastructure that rely on slower connections.

More importantly, free Wi-Fi is everywhere, which is a crucial resource, especially for digital nomads, people who prefer to work outside their home, or people who can’t afford an internet connection.

6. Outdoor lifestyle

If you’re a nature lover and you’re looking to spend more time outdoors, then Arizona is the place for you. It’s important for people who work from home to step out and enjoy some fresh air and physical activity. That balance is essential for a successful remote lifestyle, and cities like Scottsdale or Phoenix lend themselves beautifully to the indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

on a hike in scottsdale

Hiking is huge here, so you’ll never be without something to do on a weekend. But you can also just go out for a walk, or try one of the many popular water sports locals enjoy.

7. Favorable climate

Choosing your new location based on climate may seem silly, but it’s actually a big factor for a lot of people, particularly those who work from home. Since so much of your time is spent indoors, inside your own home, you want to be able to make the most of your time outdoors, and a bad climate can make that difficult. Not to mention other challenges like Seasonal Affective Disorder, caused by lack of sunlight.

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If there’s one thing Arizona does right, it's weather. You get to enjoy warm, sunny days all year round, with mild winters, and summers that aren’t scorching hot. Just put out a table and chairs in the yard and you can work from home, out in the sun every single day. That’s the life!

Final thoughts

When you’re looking to relocate, you want to make sure that your new Scottsdale home can offer you everything you need. When you’re a remote worker, that means a remote-friendly state, first of all, with great amenities, a large, healthy community of freelancers and other remote workers, and an affordable cost of living.

backyard view from a Scottsdale home

Arizona offers all of that and more, which is why it’s on the top 10 destinations for remote workers. Want to work, have fun, and enjoy your lifestyle? Arizona is the place to be.

This is a post from guest blogger Teresa Bennett

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