Tips for Californians moving to Scottsdale

Since Arizona and California are neighboring states, you’d expect a lot of similarities when comparing them. However, there is a significant difference in culture, climate, costs of living, and outdoor activities. Rising cities such as Phoenix, Mesa, Tucson, Scottsdale, and Chandler, attract Californians to let down their roots in Arizona with booming business opportunities, lower housing costs, and a quality lifestyle. The Grand Canyon State is a refreshing change of scenery. Still, any relocation to the unknown requires some research. To help you with it, we’ve gathered some useful tips for Californians moving to Scottsdale.

Avoid moving in summer

If you believe you’re heat-resilient after experiencing Cali summers, you’re in for a surprise. Summers in Arizona can be intolerably hot, especially in cities where all the concrete heats up. The heatwaves can last for over a week, which can make your summer move a living hell. During the monsoon season, from the end of June to late August, the temperatures are slightly lower, but the humidity is very high. You’d expect everything to cool down overnight, but it barely does before dawn. Thus, prepare for tanning and changing your wardrobe to mainly light clothes. In addition, make sure your new home has a quality air conditioning system and/or a pool.

Such weather conditions will make it impossible to settle in after you arrive in your new Scottsdale home. A long-distance move requires serious planning and preparation. So, after you find the right people for this, schedule your relocation for the end of October or later.

A dog sitting on the road on the summer day
If you own pets, walking them during summer can be a problem since concrete gets very hot.

Exploring the neighborhoods

Exploring your future neighborhood is essential when looking for the perfect home. Even though finding an affordable home in Arizona is not hard, you still have to know what and where to look for. For example, the Old Town Scottsdale neighborhood is quite trendy and top ranking in every factor that makes an area desirable. It has plenty of restaurants and shopping options, and you can walk everywhere.

If you’re looking for a real estate investment, picking a property inSouth Scottsdale could be ideal. The area’s appreciation is over 15% annually, with the hottest housing market in the city. At the same time, this developing area has low crime rates and moderate walkability since it is not far from Old Town Scottsdale. If you plan to rent affordably, check out the properties south of Bell Road Corridor.

You’ll get the chance to be more active

Scottsdale has warm weather all year round, with incredibly hot summers. Thus, when temperatures start rising, hit the outdoors! The city is situated in central Arizona, so all healthy recreational activities are just an hour-long drive away. The nature in eastern Arizona is breathtaking whether you’re a nature enthusiast or not. The White Mountains of the Apache Indian Tribes have many pine-covered forests, an abundance of wildlife.

In northern parts, you can enjoy the red rock territory and one of the biggest natural wonders - the Grand Canyon. On the other hand, the south offers the Sonoran Desert. The entire state also has many rivers and lakes if you prefer water sports instead of camping and hiking.

A woman looking over the Grand Canyon
The magnificent Grand Canyon is only 180 miles away.

A car can be useful

Even though Scottsdale neighborhoods have great walkability and the city’s transportation system is very functional, a car can be very useful, especially during summer. The city has a decent parking system, so you won’t have to spend hours looking for a spot. Moreover, since Scottsdale is very close to big cities like Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, and Glendale, owning a car will make the commute to any of those cities more convenient.

Different job options

If you’re in between jobs, Scottsdale could be the perfect place for you. Two years in a row, Scottsdale has been called the best place in the country for job-hunters by WalletHub. The city is home to over 25,000 big and small businesses. Additionally, Scottsdale is much more affordable than any other Californian city, but at the same time, it offers superior employment options and high salaries. That makes it a perfect destination for remote workers or anyone looking for better job opportunities.

High rise buildings in Phoenix

Many of Scottsdale’s newcomers commute to the capital.

The best sources for exploring the city

The internet provides many tips for Californians moving to Scottsdale, but the best way to get accurate information about the city is to see what the locals say. Before you get the opportunity to check out the many amenities Scottsdale provides, these helpful websites will make your relocation easier:

  • – After deciding to move, start preparing on time. Zapt Movers blog offers valuable tips and advice on packing, storage, and moving.
  • – If you’re checking out the housing options in Scottsdale neighborhoods, Home Smart will give you the right idea of what you can expect.

What attracts Californians to Scottsdale?

These tips for Californians moving to Scottsdale can be helpful if you haven’t visited this thriving city with a small-town vibe before. Even though there are many popular cities in the US, Californian residents are flocking to Arizona and particularly Scottsdale for many different reasons. The city is safe, affordable, and family-friendly, with prosperous job options. In addition, the costs of living, taxes, and housing are significantly lower in the Copper State, so it’s a no-brainer why Scottsdale is so attractive to Californians.

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