scottsdale june days summer solstice celebration sign

We decided to brave the triple-digit weather to visit Solstice Park in Scottsdale, Arizona to celebrate Scottsdale's June Days and to welcome the summer solstice.  It was held on Sunday, June 20th, in Solstice Park (previously named Solari Plaza), which is near Oldtown Scottsdale and at the Solari Bridge by the canal, or Scottsdale waterfront.

As we drove into Oldtown Scottsdale and the Fifth Avenue Shops area, we were surprised to see most, if not all, of the parking spots taken.  It was hot out!  But I guess that didn't stop tourists and area residents from visiting Old Town.

snowcone and ice cream trucks at Scottsdale Summer Solstice celebration on June Days

The day before we went I wondered how many other brave souls would attend the Summer Solstice Celebration.  Even with free snow cones, ice cream, water, entertainment, and some giveaways, I was prepared to leave if it was too crowded.

When we saw all of the parked cars on the streets, I figured it was going to be well attended.  But it wasn't, so we stuck around. The photo below is a lady giving a speech explaining how the pylons and the Solari Bridge cast shadows from the sun that allows you to tell time, although I couldn't quite understand it.  It's not like an actual sundial, but it highlights different equinox events.

scottsdale solstice speech about the pylons on the solari bridge

On Summer Solstice in Scottsdale, around 12:30 on the 20th of June, the sun is at its highest point in the sky.  At this moment, the pylons don't cast a shadow at all.  We were told during the winter solstice, the shadows cast up the bridge.

There was a juggler and a magician that was very entertaining.  He told us he came to Scottsdale from Sedona and he had to be so hot in that suit.  My brother took up magic as a hobby and he was really good.  This guy showed us some tricks we had never seen, and he had great sleight of hand.

We arrived to hear the end of one of the musical performers but I'm glad we stayed for the final duo.  I don't know their name unfortunately but they were fantastic.  Although I trimmed it a little, this is a longish performance so you might want to keep reading and come back.

We walked down the canal area and I started feeling overheated.  I barely made it to our car (free public parking in Scottsdale).  Then we headed over to our favorite Oldtown Scottsdale restaurant, Los Olivos.

Below are more photos and a couple more videos of the solstice celebration.  If you're around next year you should check it out.

entry signs and pylons for Scottsdale June Days Summer Solstice Celebration in Solstice Park

Below are the Solari Bells on one of the pylons

Jimmy Herter and Judy Orr in one of the pilons on Solari Bridge in Scottsdale Arizona
Jimmy Herter and Judy Orr inside one of the pylons on Solari Bridge

Below is a video of the art "blocks/wall" at the park

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