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I've been so busy I haven't had much time to post in this blog.  All of my Scottsdale real estate listings have sold as the market in the area is very active.

If you currently have a Scottsdale home for sale that is priced in the median price range or less for your area and you still haven't received any offers then you need to rethink your price.  However, price isn't always the answer.

If your agent has made some suggestions on cosmetic fixes/repairs that would make your property more appealing you might want to tackle some or all of those items.  I can't tell you how many times a Scottsdale home seller could have received more money if they just made some cosmetic changes.  Even with the changes they would have sold quicker and netted more money in the end.

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Important items to consider are fresh paint and updated flooring.  If you have scuffed and scratched wood floors it can make the whole room look bad.  Either redo the wood floors or consider using a room-size rug or wall-to-wall carpeting.  If you have badly cracked tile or worn vinyl flooring it might be well worth it to replace these floors.  One of the easiest floor replacements is the wood laminate flooring available and it is one of the most cost-efficient ways of getting a new, clean look to floors.

If you watch any of the home-selling television shows, you will note that furniture and furniture placement is an issue, even though the furnishings will not stay.  However, they are still part of the house at this time and people look at the furniture along with the rooms.  If you have badly worn furniture it can make the room unappealing, especially for those buyers that cannot see beyond what is in front of them right now.

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You should have already cleaned out clutter but if you haven't and your Scottsdale home is still on the market it is probably time to at least take that step to see if it helps promote buyer interest.  Today's buyers are more informed and picky than ever.  No amount of marketing will sell a home that is priced more than buyers are willing to pay.  Buyers dictate the market, not sellers.

If you don't want to do any cosmetic work (or fix other items in disrepair), then price is the answer to getting your home sold instead of languishing on the market while the other Scottsdale homes around you that are priced correctly get sold.  If you feel that your home is not getting enough showings or you aren't getting any offers, call your agent and see what he or she suggests.

No matter what the market, any home that is priced properly for that market will sell.  Find out what your Scottsdale home is worth today by receiving a free market analysis.  Since you're probably looking for a new property to purchase, don't miss out on new listings with the personalized home search.

And call Judy Orr with any questions at 480-877-1549.

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