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Organizing a move from Kentucky to a Scottsdale home typically takes quite a lot of time if you want it to be successful. However, sometimes we don’t have the luxury of time when preparing to move. Let’s say you found a perfect home, but you need to move in after buying it immediately. Well, then you have to be ready for a speedy and messy process to get there. But does it really need to be chaotic? The answer is no, as long as you know how to approach the preparations. To this end, we’ve put together a guide on how to organize a move from Kentucky to Scottsdale, Arizona in less than two weeks.

Book a moving company as soon as possible

The first step to any successful move is to find reliable and experienced movers to move your belongings safely. Typically, this takes a while since you need to make sure the movers are trustworthy. This is why you should do this as soon as you know you’re moving out. Two weeks is plenty of time to find good movers, as long as you start looking immediately. Realistically, you shouldn’t expect to find your movers on day one. Properly looking into them and comparing rates is a must, after all. But you should aim to have your movers hired within the first few days. Additionally, if you need to buy a home first, you should know how to go about buying a house in Scottsdale, Arizona remotely. Buying a house remotely is complicated, so you should know how to go about it, especially if trying to buy from Kentucky.

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Good movers are vital to the success of any relocation, and even more so for long-distance moves.

Start packing from day one

Packing will take most of your time up until the move. However, getting everything packed in one or two days is a recipe for disaster. When trying to be quick, you are open to making mistakes. As such, try to pack a few boxes every day and get everything done a day or two before moving day. Packing everything can take a while, especially regarding garages, so plan ahead for that. However, with proper planning and pacing of your packing, you can easily get everything ready on time. Remember, the most crucial part of packing is ensuring everything is adequately packed and well organized. This will save you a lot of time on moving day and when settling into your home. As such, it’s always better to pack smart instead of packing everything quickly.

Schedule all appointments as soon as possible

There’s a lot of scheduling involved in the moving process. You might have to schedule elevator access if you’re moving into an apartment, then you need to schedule for utilities in your new home to be turned on and utilities in your old home to be turned off. Additionally, it would be a good idea to hire a home inspector before moving in, so if there are any issues with the new home, you know as soon as possible. If it’s possible to have this done before moving in, you should also schedule services to fix any problems which may come up. And even if you can’t have a home inspection done before moving in, knowing there are problems in the new home as soon as physically possible is still the best call. So, remember, be quick with scheduling anything you need as quickly as possible.

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Make sure to schedule everything that needs to be scheduled as soon as possible.

Check for parking and truck access

Needless to say, when organizing a move from Kentucky to Arizona, you need to think about your movers accessing your Scottsdale home. If you live in a populated area (or moving into one), you must ensure your movers can access your old and new home. Be sure to talk to your current neighbors or landlord, so no conflicts happen. This is especially important when moving from Kentucky, as the state is relatively densely populated. And the last thing you want is to have your move delayed because the access to your home is blocked.

Label boxes methodically

When packing your belongings, always remember to label the boxes in an organized way. For example, label the boxes by room if you’re packing things based on what room they were in. Or, if you’re packing by type of item, label which kind of belonging is in the box. Also, label boxes containing fragile items, so they don’t get damaged during the move. You want to be as precise as possible when labeling your boxes to save yourself from potential issues on moving day and when unpacking.

couple with boxes moving to their new Scottsdale home

Labeling your boxes will help a lot on moving day and when unpacking.

Prepare for moving day

Before the big day, make sure to rest up properly and go over your plans for the day itself. Double-check if you’ve packed everything and when your movers will arrive. Also, ensure your old home is adequately cleaned and that you have a separate box of necessities packed to take into your car. When it comes to avoiding damages on moving day, a good deal of it is preparing for it. And since the last thing you want is to damage your new home when moving into it, you also want to be prepared for that. All in all, the day before moving out, you should take the time to make sure everything is ready and then rest up. Remember, moving day will be hard on you, so prepare yourself mentally and physically for it.

How to organize a move from Kentucky Arizona in less than two weeks – closing thoughts

Moving on short notice is undoubtedly much more stressful than any other kind of move. And when it comes to trying to relocate on short notice, you also have to consider that it’ll be a very long-distance move. As such, preparation becomes even more important for the process. We hope this guide on how to organize a move from Kentucky to a home in Scottsdale, Arizona in less than two weeks helps you have a successful move, and we wish you a good day.

Author Bio: Declan Shaw is a career real estate agent specializing in Arizona real estate with years of experience in the job. He’s worked in tandem quite often with Strong-Ass Movers to get his clients moved into new homes.

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