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Homeowners preparing their homes for selling in the foreseeable future have to consider both inside and outside. Therefore, if you wish to increase the value of your home, be sure to check out home staging tips and not neglect the outside. After all, your front yard is the thing that will leave the first impression on your potential buyers. So, be sure to make it count. We consulted the experts in the field and are glad to share some of the best landscaping ideas. Enjoy reading!

The list of best landscaping ideas to up your home's value

If you plan to move from Arizona to Texas, you will first need to sell your existing home. Interstate relocations can get pricy, so it's wise to upgrade your Arizona house to get a great offer. So, once you decide to make Texas your home, you must start working on making your Scottsdale home picture perfect for buyers. We have talked to the most prominent exterior designers to find out the best upgrades for the outer part of your home.

This aspect is crucial to consider as everyone tends to spice up the interior and puts a little focus on the front and back yard. However, these are also important aspects of your home that can help in adding value to your Arizona home.

So, after careful consideration and analysis, we've come up with a list of the ten best landscaping ideas you can try and add value to your home. Before jumping into details, here's the ultimate list of curb appeal ideas.

  1. Remove the excess
  2. Maintain a healthy lawn
  3. Have an irrigation system installed
  4. Consider an artificial lawn
  5. Add fresh mulch to your flowerbeds and plant new flowers
  6. Strategically plant small trees and bushes
  7. Trim your shrubs and bushes
  8. Add water elements
  9. Highlight your landscaping with outdoor lights
  10. Have an outdoor living space

Keep it minimal

If you have large and high trees right in front of your home, it would be good to ask yourself a question:

What do people first see when they pull up in front of my home?

If the answer is trees that make your home impossible to see, these trees should become an essential aspect of your landscaping plan. The experts recommend having a couple of trees in your yard as a part of your landscaping plan. However, it's important not to let those trees take over the whole landscape design.

If you have grass, keep your lawn healthy

The primary responsibility you'll have is to make your lawn presentable. If you succeed in doing so, it will automatically increase the value of your home in Arizona. Here are some things you can do to achieve this.

  • Set up a schedule for fertilization;
  • Mown your lawn regularly;
  • Keep it watered;
  • Get rid of overgrown grass and weeds and overgrown areas.

scottsdale real estate with grass in front

Installing an irrigation system is one of the best landscaping ideas

If for some reason, your yard seems lifeless or not the way you want it to be, there's a simple solution. One of the most straightforward landscaping ideas is to install an irrigation system that will immediately boost the appearance of your grass and, therefore, the value of your Arizona home.

Usually, there are two options to choose from:

  1. a drip system
  2. an in-ground sprinkler system

Fortunately, both of the systems distribute a selected amount of water. So you don't have to worry about overwatering.

Consider artificial lawn

On the other hand, if the odds aren't in your favor and you're busy researching real estate and looking for a new home, there's another simple solution. Artificial grass will help quickly add value to your home, but it eliminates the need to buy upkeep products and tools or hire a maintenance company.

Or, if you've already found your new home and started browsing to find the best moving crew for your relocation, this is a quick fix that will attract more buyers. Additionally, a solution like this is a good option for those of us living in areas where an arid climate is a norm, like Arizona is. Finally, this type of grass can last up to 20 years, so it is a fantastic investment.

Add fresh mulch

One of the best ways to instantly spruce up your landscaping design is to add new mulch. Apart from being the perfect compliment for any flowerbed, it has many more advantages. Some of those are:

  • retaining moisture in the soil;
  • preventing evaporation;
  • helping in maintaining lower temperatures;

providing plants with vital nutrients, and so on.

Finally, if you consider selling your home in the winter, you will still have a flawless lawn.

Plant small trees and bushes

Beautifully landscaped house in Scottsdale

Even though you might have a flower bed, it doesn't mean you shouldn't opt for a nice variety of greenery and colorful plants. Strategically placing small trees and bushes in your flowerbed will give your landscaping design a statement and a different dimension.

Trim the bushes and shrubs as another simple landscaping idea that adds value to your home

If your landscaping design consists of multiple bushes and shrubs, it's vital to keep them looking their best. Failing to do so will make it noticeable to your potential buyers and could be a huge turnoff.

Trimming not only encourages healthy growth, but it helps your yard look well-designed and elegant.

Have a fountain

fountain in a scottsdale house for saleAnother vital point regarding landscaping designs is to make people connected with nature and at peace. Therefore, adding a water element, like a fountain or a pond, would be the perfect solution.

Scientific studies have shown that water sounds can help reduce stress. So, adding water elements to your landscaping design will make it a perfect peaceful nook everyone will look forward to spending time in.

Install outdoor lighting

These landscaping ideas will make your exterior look its best during the day. However, if you have people over or a showing scheduled at night, you want to ensure everything is covered.

Thus, installing some outdoor lighting will ensure your landscaping design is also visible at night. Additionally, it will highlight its best features if you position the lights strategically.

Have a living area on the outside too

Finally, adding living space to your outdoors is an attractive solution if you plan to go all-in. You can add:

  • patio,
  • desk,
  • firepit,
  • swimming pool,
  • outdoor kitchen, and many more features.

This large-scale update is perfect for those who wish to add value to their Arizona home and do not necessarily need to move immediately.

The takeaway on the best landscaping ideas

The exterior of your home is what leaves the first impression on your potential buyers. Luckily, you have plenty of options to choose from our list of the best landscaping ideas and make your landscaping design look flawless while adding value to your home. Good luck!

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