scottsdale home design trends for 2021

I always wonder how trends and fashion get started.  I know clothing designers have their fashion shows, but how long does it take for those fashion trends to drip down to the public?

I feel the same with home decor trends.  Who starts these trends?  How long does it take for a specific design to take hold?  I also know there are design shows, but those aren't always for the public.  I guess a lot of home decor trends get to the public through home magazines sold in supermarkets and stores.

Another way for these trends to be discovered by the general public is to visit new construction models.  That's where the gray and white trends started, along with white cabinets (usually Shaker style, but not always), and different wood or wood laminate flooring.  There was the dark wood floor trend which has since given way to lighter woods/laminates.

With the pandemic, we've been stuck in our homes for almost a year.  We know what we wish we had in our homes now.  Some things can be done at a lower cost if you're handy, but for others that have lost income, it's not so easy to remodel and make changes.

Here are five decorating trends that you might consider:

1.  Exterior upgrades

The pandemic has brought multiple upgrades to the front and back yards.  Because we haven't been able to "coffee klatch" with our neighbors, some homeowners are creating seating spaces in front of their homes so they can still communicate from a distance.

Many Scottsdale homes, and places in the surrounding Phoenix area, have pools.  The pandemic brought a surge of new pool builds according to a Reuters article.  Residents all over the country had to wait for contractors and pool supplies.  Not all pools are built-in, many are above-ground pools.

scottsdale swimming pool couple splashing

Along with pools, homeowners have set up areas outside to work out in.  In Scottsdale, this could be done almost year-round, although I wouldn't want to work out in my yard during the hot summer months, and other parts of the country have cold, snowy winters.  But garages can be converted if there isn't any kind of workout space inside.  With that said, I've never worked out at a gym and always do workouts in my home using YouTube on my TV and using my huge collection of VCR tapes and workout DVDs.

scottsdale pergola with woman on the phoneAnother interesting trend that I wasn't aware of is a pergola or some kind of covered area, either attached or freestanding.  The definition of a pergola is a more open weaved wooden frame where plants can be fed through, but in looking at pictures online I think the term has expanded.

Most homes in Scottsdale have some kind of covered patio.  Ours wouldn't be considered a pergola (although I'm seeing pictures of pergolas that are what I consider covered patios).  The home design website Houzz recently named 2021 “the year of the pergola.”

There are many styles of pergolas from simple lattice-type overhangs off a house to full roofs to keep the sun out.  They can be made out of canvas, wood, or other materials.  Some are open-top styles (won't keep the Scottsdale sun out) to almost a full porch style that isn't fully enclosed.  The different styles represent different price points.

2. New Colors

I've been hearing that the gray and white color palette was going away for years now.  I liked it - it had a clean look. 

But the new design style for colors in a home is trending towards warmer colors and more of them.  I look at some of these colors and try to imagine actually using them someplace - on a wall or on one or more of my oak vanities.  But it's scary choosing a color, especially if painting over wood cabinets. 

See the video below for some information on 2021 color trends (with 3 of the colors of the year) and a quick example of the classic “60-30-10 Rule":

  • The dominant color will cover 60% of a room - wall paint, floors, and larger furniture pieces
  • 30% would use a secondary color on items like window coverings and smaller furniture pieces.
  • 10% of your third color would be accent pieces like pillows and decor, including art.

3. Changing the Function of Living Areas

scottsdale home with a closet converted to an office

People have gotten quite creative in making home offices and workout areas inside of their properties.  The dining room in many homes has been changed to an office or school area.

An extra bedroom could be used for a multi-purpose room for exercising, desk and office space, and homeschooling.  Even closets have been converted to fit a small desk.  

I've never liked open-floor plans.  In fact, when we were looking at new resale homes, we walked away from homes that were too open.  We like our separate spaces, and since the pandemic, some builders are getting away from having a house too open. 

Some homeowners of open layouts have had to resort to room dividers to create separate, private spaces.  There are many types of dividers that can be used.  From bookshelves to sliding partitions, some kind of private area can be created.

4. More Personalized Designs

This one is hard to explain.  I've mentioned the use of more colors, and warmer tones vs. the sleeker gray and white scheme.  Styles are becoming more eclectic, more personalized, and cozier.

Woods and colors are being mixed, especially in the kitchen.  I'm not sure I like the different colored cabinets in a kitchen, and I'm afraid some of the overly stylized trends will become outdated quickly.  This is something you need to think about if you plan on selling within the next 5 years.

scottsdale kitchen 2021 with different colored wood

Another example of changing styles is the change from sleek subway tile to more colorful and differently shaped tile.  And I'm sure you've seen the newer patterned tiles (many black and white), which I think will become dated very quickly.

The trend here is getting away from minimalism and having a more personal, curated look, like having collections of things you've acquired over a long time period.  Decor that doesn't scream industrial or cottage or farmhouse, but a style that is you and your personality.

5.  Your Home, Your Retreat

To create a home to be a retreat worthy of staycations takes money.  This is a dream for many homeowners that can't always be accomplished. It's nice to think of our homes as a place to luxuriate in, but that's a dream for most of us.

With that said, there could be more inexpensive ways to make it more of a reality.  If you have old, raggedy bedding, buying a new comforter set could make a huge difference in your bedroom.

nice bedroom in a scottsdale home for sale

Many bedrooms can have piles of clothing, bedding, and other personal items lying around.  Just decluttering the bedroom can make it feel more inviting.  Adding plants, especially freestanding, can make a big difference and make your bedroom feel more resort-like.

In a bathroom, a set of new decorator towels, bathmats, and shower curtains could create a new spa-look.  It might be time to change showerheads to offer a new experience.

If you've got the cash, new shower doors might be on your agenda.  I just saw an ad for new types of shower glass that stay cleaner.  Some of the new curbless styles can make you feel like you're on vacation in a luxury hotel.

As I mentioned before, I'm ready to paint two of our vanities.  I will also be replacing the vanity tops and sinks and have more work to do in the master bathroom.  When we bought our current house we knew that all 3 bathrooms would be remodeled.

These ideas are for living in your home, but for selling you should still stay neutral

The ideas above are for people that want to feel better about being stuck at home, and for those that want to make some changes, either because of Covid or because it's simply time to remodel.  Unless this is your final home, be careful with items that seem very trendy and will go out-of-style soon.

If you are thinking of moving within the next five years or so, keep the big, hard-to-change things simpler.  You can go crazier with furniture and art and decorations and still stay more neutral with walls, flooring, and kitchen and bathroom designs.

Give me a call at 480-877-1549 if you need help in deciding what to do if you're going to be selling within a year.  I can help you get your home ready for sale without having you spend a lot of money.

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