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Learn what the seven things to know before moving from Texas to Arizona are

Are you thinking of moving from Texas to Scottsdale, Arizona? Even though there is no doubt that Texas is a great place to live in, rest assured that you will not regret this decision. With its incredible natural beauty and plenty of outside activities to enjoy, Arizona became one of the most desired states to move to. And the fact that from July 2020 to July 2021 population in Arizona grew by 1.4% proves that. Still, before you move to this great state, you should be prepared and know how life here would be different from the one in Texas. Therefore, we have created a list of 7 things to know before relocating from Texas to Arizona.

Cost of move

First, you should ensure that your valuables are safe during the move. And to do that, consider hiring reliable movers as they will handle your valuables with care and caution. But before you hire movers, you should get a ballpark idea of the moving cost between these two states. The distance between Texas and Arizona is 787 miles, and the moving cost will depend on the size of your move. That is, it will depend on the size of your apartment, the weight of your shipment, and the moving services you will need to use.

couple contemplating their move to a new home in Scottsdale, Arizona

Set your moving budget before your start your relocation process.

For example, to move a studio apartment from San Antonio to Arizona, you would have to spare between $1.400 and $1.760. And for the two-bedroom apartment, between $2,090 and $2,620. If you own a large 5+ bedroom home, your starting approximate moving cost would be $3,360 or higher. If you know your long-distance moving cost in advance, you will be able to leave San Antonio with ease because you will be prepared and able to manage your budget on time.

Cost of living in Texas vs. cost of living in Arizona

Before moving from Texas to Arizona, you should be aware of its cost of living and how it differs from the one in Texas. Although the cost of living in Arizona is 4.1% higher than in Texas, if you divide the cost of living into categories, you will notice that some of the essential things are more affordable in Arizona. For example, you would spend 2.4% less on groceries here. Also, the cost of childcare in Arizona is 2.6$ lower than in Texas. When it comes to clothing, Texas has 2.7% higher prices than Arizona. The only noticeable difference you would notice is the restaurants' prices. Restaurants in Arizona have 11.7% higher prices than the ones in Texas.

Job opportunities in Arizona

Before you relocate to Arizona, experts from State to State Move recommend that you find a reputable moving company but do good research on the job market as well. Overall, Arizona has a stable job market. The job growth in Arizona in the past ten years was 22.6%, and it is expected to become much stronger in the years to come. Also, with its current 6.6%, Arizona has a lower unemployment rate than Texas, which has 7.4%. According to the WalletHub, Scottsdale, Arizona, ranks 7th on the job market prospects. Scottsdale is 8th on the list of the best places to look for a job in 2022, with a total score of 63.43. There is no doubt that Arizona's job market is becoming stronger every year. It became the central hub for some of the major companies in industries like aerospace, technology, and electronics.

Arizona is a family-friendly state

If you are relocating with your family to Arizona, rest assured that you will move to a family-friendly state. Not only that the state has to offer plenty of activities for kids, but it also offers some of the most outstanding schools.

One of the areas which most families choose to move to is Cave Creek. The main reason for that is its safety. This community has a 60% lower crime rate than the national average. It has a lot of recreational centers and parks that will allow your kids to enjoy life in Arizona.

Also, Cave Creek has an excellent educational system. It is home to exceptional public schools, such as Lone Mountain Elementary School, Sonoran Trails Middle School, and Cactus Shadows High School. On the other hand, it also has fantastic private schools, such as The Goddard School and Annunciation Catholic School. Arizona offers a lot of advantages to families, so there is no reason to hesitate. If you are considering moving from Texas to Arizona, rest assured you are making the right call.

a teacher in classroom writing on a blackboard in a Cave Creek AZ school

If you are relocating with your kids, Arizona is a place for you

Real Estate Market

When it comes to the real estate market, make sure to get your Buyers' Representation to help you find an appropriate home for you. Relocating from Texas to Arizona means moving to a state with a high demand for buying houses. And if you are considering buying a house, now is a good time as the value of the homes continues to grow. For example, home value in Scottsdale has gone up 31.2% over the last few years. On the other hand, if you are planning to rent a home, the good news is that the prices are lower than in Texas. For example, to rent a one-bedroom apartment outside of the city center in Austin, on average, you would need to spare $1.400. For the same apartment in Scottsdale, on average, you would need $1.200.

Weather conditions

When it comes to climate, both Arizona and Texas have hot climates. Still, there are not so many seasonal variations in Arizona as in Texas. With its 286 sunny days per year, 119 days with temperatures above 90 degrees, and 53 days with temperatures below freezing at night, Arizona has one of the hottest climates in the country. Still, because of the drier climate, you will get much less humidity in Arizona than in Texas.

you'll have a lot of sunny skies if you purchase Scottsdale real estate

If you like the sunny sky and hot weather, Arizona is the state for you.

Natural beauties in Arizona

Undoubtedly, Texas offers some incredible natural beauties for you and your family to enjoy. Still, moving to Arizona means getting some of the most breathtaking and stunning views. Apart from the plenty of recreational centers and outside activities, Arizona offers attractions you will never get enough of. Some of the attractions that you must visit in Arizona include:

Is moving from Texas to Arizona a good choice?

Now that you have learned the most important things to know before moving from Texas to Arizona, it is certain that both states have their advantages. Still, Arizona has so much to offer. And you will not regret the decision to move here. From the affordable cost of living and great weather to incredible natural beauties, there is no doubt that Arizona will give you the lifestyle that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

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