Optimizing security must be a priority for a homeowner. Of course, the immediate purpose behind optimizing home security is to protect and keep a family safe and secure. In addition, a comprehensive approach to home security can also enhance the market appeal of a residence if put on the market for sale. There are five key strategies to consider when it comes to the enhancement of home security in the 21st century.

1. Security Cameras

Tremendous advancements have been made in regard to home security cameras. In addition, the cost associated with security exterior home security cameras on Scottsdale real estatecameras suitable for the exterior of a residence has dropped significantly in recent years. In other words, this type of equipment has become markedly affordable for homeowners working within a wide range of budgets.

The ideal course to take with outdoor security cameras is to form an all-encompassing perimeter around the residence itself. This typically can be accomplished by hanging security cameras at the eaves of the residence. In addition to utilizing cameras to form a security perimeter about the residence, depending on the size of the property surrounding the residence itself, try to locate cameras elsewhere on the property.

You will want to have a system in place through which you can readily monitor the cameras in real time. You are also wise to have technology that will record what occurs on the property. Oftentimes, these cameras can transmit via something as simple as a WiFi connection.

2. Perimeter Lighting

exterior lights on a scottsdale az home

In conjunction with the installation of security cameras, you will also want to give serious consideration to installing perimeter as well as grounds lighting. You have a good many different options in regard to exterior residential lighting for your Scottsdale home, lighting designed to enhance residential security.

As with the cameras recommended for your Scottsdale home, an ideal way of dealing with security lighting is to install it to form a perimeter around the residential structure itself. This can be accomplished by installing lighting at or around the eaves and ground level.

As a side note, attention must be paid to ensuring that lighting doesn't conflict with the cameras. In other words, the lighting cannot wash out or otherwise interfere with the camera's intake of images.

<p">In addition to lighting around the specific perimeter of the house, there may be a benefit to installing some lighting at different points around the grounds themselves. This particularly is the case if the grounds around a home are particularly expansive.

Keep in mind that certain security lighting types lend themselves to green technology. For example, you may be able to consider installing solar lighting around the grounds for security and aesthetic purposes. Do keep in mind that because one of the objectives of the lighting is home security, you will want to make certain that there is a backup energy source for grounds lighting.

3. Iron Doors

Home invasion is a major type of crime across the United States. Indeed, a considerable percentage of all violent crimes occur in a residential setting, many of them stemming from an initial home invasion.

A key component of enhancing home security is to make certain that your residence has the best possible protective exterior doors. Many security experts maintain that iron doors represent the best choice for exterior portals into a home.

The reality is that iron doors can be crafted in such a manner as to be virtually impenetrable. In addition to being powerful additions to Scottsdale home security, iron doors can be very stylish, even elegant, as well. Few exterior door options so effectively and seamlessly combine style and security as do iron doors. 

4. Full-Perimeter Fencing

Scottsdale fenceWhen contemplating a comprehensive security plan for your residence, you definitely want to give serious consideration to installing a full perimeter fence around the property. Most residences in the United States have fencing that encompasses the backyard and perhaps the side yards. More often than not, residential front yards are not protected with a perimeter fence line.

There is a myriad of different types of fencing materials that are well-suited for a residential perimeter fence. Depending on what you select in this regard, you cannot only enhance your Scottsdale home security with a full perimeter fence, but you can make your property significantly more private.

5. Comprehensive Alarm System

>home security system for scottsdale real estate

Finally, when you are contemplating strategies to enhance your Scottsdale home security, you definitely want to consider what is available in the way of a comprehensive alarm system. In this regard, you will want to take a look at a system that can alert for an array of different types of emergencies, including criminal activity and medical issues.

There are alarm systems on the market today that can be integrated with other aspects of your home security endeavors. This includes integrating your alarm system with lights and cameras installed for security purposes at your residence.

Taking a broad and comprehensive approach to your home security permits you the ability to ensure that you have the best possible protection for your residence and your loved ones. In the final analysis, you can put up a truly effective, comprehensive home security system that won't break the proverbial bank in the process.

Finally, oftentimes the installation of a comprehensive Scottsdale home security system has another important side benefit as well. A comprehensive home security system can increase the market value of your home. Many home buyers list residential security as a primary focal point when they are on the market looking for a home.

The above was another guest post written by Jessica Kane

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