What Is The MLS?

mls logoMLS stands for Multiple Listing Service and it is a database utilized by real estate brokers and their agents to keep track of real estate listings. Our MLS is actually called ARMLS, which stands for Arizona Multiple Listing Service.

The MLS, no matter where it is located or what it is called, is a cooperative listing presentation where multiple licensed real estate agents have access to all listings for sale listed in the MLS and agents and brokerages cooperate with each other.  The listing brokerage pays the selling brokerage a commission.

When I get a listing I enter it into the multiple listing service. Changes I make are price changes and changing the status to a contingency, deal pending, or closed. There is also the ability to take the listing off the market temporarily and there are different re-activation status notifiers called "reactivated" or "back on market."

For buyers, the MLS offers properties that are available for sale. Because the MLS keeps archived sales information, it also enables an agent to create a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for a seller wanting to find out how much their house is worth. We can also do a CMA for a buyer that has found a property of interest and wants to see what similar properties have sold for. This helps a buyer make a reasonable offer.

The MLS also provides real estate tax information and sometimes gives us mortgage statistics for each property. It also has several other functions for real estate agents to utilize. I pay a yearly fee for the use of the MLS.

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