Wouldn't I Be Better Off Using More Than One Real Estate Agent?

This is a misconception that can actually do the opposite of what you're intending.  Instead of having multiple agents searching for your next property, you might end up with no one helping you down the road. Why?

REALTORS® spend a lot of time working with buyers by making sure they're pre-approved, doing searches, editing those searches, setting appointments, and taking buyers to see different properties, sometimes spanning a long time period. If agents realize you're not being faithful to them they'll stop working for you and will move on to buyers that remain loyal. We learn what our buyers really want and need and can help them save a lot of time.

I found buyers a home that wasn't even on their list - they didn't check it off for some reason but it turned out to be perfect for them.  They were so grateful that I suggested this home.  I knew what they wanted after spending time showing them multiple properties.

When searching online for homes you might not be looking at everything you need.  I had buyers that needed a master bedroom that would fit their king-sized bed.  When they would send me listings I would look at the bedroom size and would point out bedrooms that would be too small.  They would sometimes only be viewing the photos and would forget to look at room sizes. They were happy that I had a second set of eyes on their choices.

Another situation you need to be careful of is if an agent you met had you sign an Exclusive Buyer's Agency Agreement (EBA). By signing that document you have probably stated that you will pay that agent/broker a commission when you purchase a property. If you end up purchasing through a different agent after signing such a document you would be liable to pay both agents a commission at closing. The first commission would come out of the seller's proceeds but the agent that you are under contract with would expect their commission from you! I'll go into the benefits of using an EBA in another FAQ.

If you do sign an EBA you need to work with that particular agent and no one else. And that's how it should be. If you remain loyal to your REALTOR® that agent should work very hard for you in return. This is the best way to find the most desirable property available in your price range.  With that said, we don't force our buyers to sign such a contract.  If you're not happy with our services, we don't want to force you to work with us.  We want to earn your trust and loyalty.

We have many buyer clients that continue referring their friends, relatives, and acquaintances to us and continue using us when selling their current properties and buying another.  We have won many customer service awards, including being named as a 5-Star Real Estate Agent in Chicago Magazine every year since the awards began in 2012.  This is based on client satisfaction.

We've also had buyers say they've never worked with anyone like us.  I've told many buyers "You don't want to buy this" and I explained why.  These buyers were shocked and said no other agent was so truthful and patient.  If you want to work with an agent that isn't pushy, is honest and empathetic, and wants you to be happy, give Judy Orr a call!

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