After the difficult year that was 2020, and with all the time we’ve spent indoors, a lot of people have been taking this opportunity to change things up, take up some DIY projects, or otherwise upgrade their homes. Some choose to focus on the backyard, others are adding home offices, but one way you can add the most value is by introducing smart tech into your home.

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Whether with smart security devices or smart appliances, smart tech makes life more comfortable and convenient. Plus, it is highly sought-after by homebuyers, who are often willing to pay more for these features. That’s a great incentive, especially if you’re planning to sell. Here are the top smart tech gadgets to upgrade your home.

Smart Security Devices

The most popular smart tech category, by far, is security. People place a premium on making their homes more secure and gaining more control over their properties – the easy way. No need for loud dogs or multiple locks – smart tech makes security easy.

Smart doorbells are one of the most common smart items, and they can be added relatively cheaply. Anyone can install a smart doorbell that will grant them the ability to see who comes knocking at their door, who is stealing packages off the porch, and who is ringing the doorbells and then running away.

scottsdale home security cameraIf you want to go one step up, smart cameras are also useful, giving you the same ability to monitor your home’s surroundings, as well as getting notifications on your phone whenever motion is detected. Tap into your 24/7 live feed even when you’re away from home – a very useful tool to have for peace of mind.

If that’s still not safe enough, take traditional locks and keys out of the equation completely. Smart locks lock automatically, can be controlled on your phone, or via the pad at the door. Set a code, and change it as often as you’d like – no need to fear losing your key.

Smart Entertainment Devices

The most exciting “smart” category people are investing in is, by far, entertainment. Smart speakers are slowly taking over every household in the United States, and they are currently present in over 60 million homes.

It’s not just about the quality of sound, but the fun extras that allow you to play with smart speakers. Voice search, household commands, and other smart assistant features are what draw the typical consumer to upgrade to a smart speaker.

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The other major player here is the smart TV. With capabilities far exceeding the ones of a regular television set, the smart TV provides an experience that is, indeed, modern. With built-in access to streaming services and easy connection to smartphones and smart speakers, a smart TV can easily fit into the already existing smart architecture of your home. All you need is a stable internet connection and your smart TV can connect to all your existing smart devices, as long as they’re compatible.

Smart Environment Enhancement Devices

Smart tech is also attractive for its cost-saving features. More affordable, and oftentimes “greener”, smart tech can actually optimize the way you use certain appliances and reduce the amount of energy used and charged.

Smart thermostats and air conditioning units are the big star of this category, not just because of the incrediblesmart thermostat in a scottsdale home convenience of adjusting the perfect temperature without leaving your bed, but because the savings are very attractive.

Who doesn’t want the comfort and flexibility of being able to change the temperature in their home without having to walk to the thermostat? Especially if it saves you hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs.

Believe it or not, that’s the same reason why smart lights are often worth the cost. In addition to being more cost-effective, they are also easier to turn on and off no matter where you are in your home – or outside of it – and they can determine the optimum amount of energy to be consumed so you produce less waste.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

If convenience is what you’re after, then look no further than smart kitchen appliances like a smart coffee maker. It’s a small upgrade, but it can significantly add to your quality of life just by virtue of the fact that you can have your coffee fresh, hot and ready to go when you wake up, without getting out of bed. Those extra 10 minutes of sleep are worth it.

smart refrigerator in a scottsdale home

If you want to go higher end, then perhaps a smart fridge is a better investment for your needs. Beyond just being a fancy icebox for your food, a smart fridge can replace the need to make a grocery list, or even open the fridge to check what’s in it. That’s because it already knows, and it can show you exactly what you have, what you’re running out of, and what is about to expire.

Think about that next time you’re at the supermarket and forgot your grocery list – you can just have your smart fridge check for you. Not to mention that there are other fun features, like recipe suggestions using the contents of your fridge. If the kitchen is your happy place, then this is the upgrade for you.

Smart Gardening Devices

smart lawnmower for your patch of grass in your scottsdale homeHousehold chores are never fun, especially yard chores. Why not cut down on the time you spend tending to your lawn by investing in an upgrade? A smart lawnmower is the device of choice for many homeowners eager to cut lawn care from their list of chores. Much like a robot vacuum cleaner, a smart lawnmower moves around your yard, only leaving lush, freshly cut grass behind. A veritable lifesaver in the long, hot days of summer.

Still on the topic of gardening, watering your lawn can also be a tricky balance, especially with changing weather. The last thing you want is to leave home during a particularly brutal heatwave and come back to a dead lawn. Smart sprinklers can be controlled and set remotely, meaning you can change the watering schedule no matter where you are. Or even better – the device can regulate itself based on its own meter that can sense the temperature.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to upgrade your home in 2021, you probably want to pick something with long-term potential, that’s going to add to the comfort and convenience of your home and will be an investment, should you decide to sell later on. Smart upgrades are the perfect choice.  Scottsdale homebuyers are highly interested in these features, they add to the value of your home, and withstand the test of time.

Whether it’s a smart TV, a camera doorbell, or a luxury feature like a smart fridge, any of these appliances will make a great addition to your home, especially these days, when we spend so much time indoors.

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