Happy Ending for German Shepherd Rescue

princess the german shepherd found a new homePrincess has found a home! When I made the prior post trying to find a loving home for Princess, the German Shepherd that was home alone in a house after her owner passed away and I had the house up for sale, I had hopes for success but was pretty doubtful.

Thanks to the tip from Bern telling me to post an ad (it was free) on www.petfinder.com. I really didn't have much faith as there were so many ads. Also, as I am a fan of tiny dogs. I just didn't think there would be much interest in a 4-year-old German Shepherd.

Lo and behold, I got a phone call soon after from a wonderful woman who offered to adopt Princess although she already had 2 large dogs and I wasn't sure if Princess would get along with them as she was an only dog. This lady offered to bring Princess to better health, a better weight, socialize her, and at the least foster her until she could find someone else to take her in.

However, during that first phone call, it was still left a bit tentative. She called back the next day saying she was falling in love with Princess, especially after I gave her the link to this story. I was able to give her information to the relative that was giving Princess care and assumed it had all worked out.

I hadn't heard anything so I figured Princess was in her new home. Unfortunately, I found out the lady that was going to pick up Princess had a problem - her husband was in a bad auto accident and broke both of his legs!I felt bad for them and bad for Princess as I truly thought this was Princess's only chance at a new home.

This lady ended up calling me back after all of this trauma (including the death of her beloved cat), still interested in Princess, but for her neighbors instead. I just found out that Princess was picked up by her new owners and there was a tearful good-bye from her two temporary caregivers (it is very easy to fall in love with this dog).

I want to thank the couple of people that were willing to help us and I would like everyone to keep the Petfinder site in mind if they are ever looking for a new pet. I hope Princess is enjoying her new home as she certainly has a lot of love to give.

We go above and beyond when we list a house.  We have helped home sellers with needs they weren't able to handle.  If we can't do something, we will refer you to someone that can help.  Call Judy at 480-877-1549.

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