Senior couple selling their Scottsdale home so they can downsize

When is it a good idea to downsize your Scottsdale home? Knowing when to make a move is essential. Too many people put off making this choice, and as a result, they wind up with a large home that is too much work to keep up with. Realizing whether and when it's time to downsize is crucial. Any delay in downsizing, even a few years, might cost tens of thousands of dollars. Health problems and mobility impairments might make it considerably more difficult later in age. Because of this, we've put together a list of the six most obvious warnings that it's time to downsize. We want to allay your fears, remove your doubts, and give you the confidence that you are making the best choice possible.

6 Telltale Signs It's Time to Downsize your Scottsdale Home

Downsizing to a smaller house or apartment might make financial and practical sense in certain situations. Furthermore, there are telltale indicators that it's time to look for a smaller, more manageable dwelling that suits your present lifestyle. All the advice you find here comes from professional real estate experts with many years of experience.

1. Is the upkeep starting to feel like a burden?

Any homeowner knows how time-consuming and taxing it can be to maintain their house in tip-top condition. It's possible that after you acquired the property or started working at your current position, things changed. As you age, you could also discover that doing something like mowing the yard or sweeping the floors becomes a chore. So, you may find living in a smaller house more convenient because of the less upkeep involved. Cleaning and maintaining a smaller place also requires fewer resources. The cost of upkeep on a larger home may add up quickly, but if you downsize, you may be able to afford a newer, better-maintained dwelling.

Older woman wanting to downsize to a smaller Scottsdale home because of housekeeping
Upkeeping a large house takes a lot of money and energy.

2. How do you use the space you have?

Which rooms in your house do you find yourself using the most on a daily basis? There's a good chance that the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, and the bathroom are where you spend the majority of your time at home. But do you ever really use your sunroom, additional room, or guest bedroom? The longer you spend in one place, the more likely your daily routine will gradually migrate away from particular rooms. A good indicator that it's time to downsize is the presence of unused spaces in your home. If your monthly expenses are already at their limit, there's no need to waste money on keeping a room you never use.

3. Could you make a healthy profit on your Scottsdale home?

The financial situation isn't the sole cause of downsizing one's living quarters. An unprecedented housing craze occurred this past summer. First-time homebuyers and investors alike leaped at the chance to take advantage of historically low mortgage rates, driving up property prices and selling times to hours rather than days. However, experts are Master Moving Guide suggests you should be very picky when finding a realtor. Make sure you get the best rate you can.

A woman putting a sale sign in her yard to sell Scottsdale real estate.
Downsize your Scottsdale home while the market is still hot.

If you own a house in a hot market, you may be able to make a killing in this economy. You may make a lot of money by selling your property while the market is hot. If you downsize your house, you may be able to secure a mortgage with much lower monthly payments or maybe no payments at all.

4. Do you often find yourself losing stuff?

There are a lot of people that are really upset about this. The person's memory isn't necessarily deteriorating, but it is normal for them to have trouble locating essential items like vehicle keys or credit cards in a big house. Without a doubt, you may triumph over the difficulty by increasing your level of organization. We all know that this is easier said than done, however.

5. Is climbing up the stairs becoming a challenge?

You don't need to be holding a walking stick to notice that the stairs are more of a challenge first thing in the morning as you age. Avoid making your house into a maze for your guests. It's time to downsize your Scottsdale home if you have problems navigating your grounds.

6. Do you plan on traveling after retirement?

The expense of maintaining a large, empty property isn't worth it if you plan to take frequent trips, especially if you're retired and living off your savings. If you're worried about safety, downsizing to an apartment or condo with security features may be the best option. Start asking for places you should check out for quality moving services. You can even check our where to find free moving boxes and save money on packing.

An old man counting money after downsizing from his larger Scottsdale home.
If you want to start traveling more, it's better to sell your large home and buy a condo.

To downsize your Scottsdale home to a smaller one may have less to do with your current circumstances than with your future goals. Since the epidemic began, many of us have understood how crucial it is to be near our loved ones. However, you may find that housing costs more in your family's hometown than in your own. If your family now resides in a less affordable region, downsizing to a smaller home might make it possible to relocate there. Moving to live nearer your kids or grandkids is a great chance to downsize and simplify your life. You may even think about moving into a condo where you can forget about doing things like yard work.

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